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big brother 18 paul interview

Big Brother’s 18th season came to an end on Wednesday night (September 21) with returning player Nicole Franzel (Big Brother 16) winning the $500,000 grand prize over runner-up Paul Abrahamian by a 5-4 vote.

The 90-minute finale, which aired on CBS and Global, including the final round of the all-important HOH competition which saw Paul win and take Nicole to the final two instead of returning houseguest James Huling (Big Brother 17). Victor Arroyo, who managed to return to the house following two evictions, won the title of America’s Favourite Player, earning him $25,000. Runner-up Paul was awarded $50,000.

The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to speak with the final three houseguests. In this interview, Paul calls out the B.S. showmances, if he regrets taking Nicole to the final two, as well as “friendship!”

Sorry that didn’t work out last night… Who would have thought?

I know! What the hell?

Looking back, do you think you should have taken James to the final two instead of Nicole?

Honestly, I would have lost. The two votes that I needed, Natalie and Da’Vonne, would have voted for James anyway. It was more of a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” situation. I was a very upfront and confrontational player this season. Unfortunately, I got paired ups with a bunch of babies. It was a very bitter and emotional jury!

Being rude or mean to the other houseguests… That behaviour wasn’t very “Friendship” of you, was it?

I wasn’t rude… I was just me! I was upfront… I was funny. Well, I think I was funny. Dude, I just called people on their B.S. and they didn’t like it! They didn’t like the confrontation because it put them in a weird spot and it made them uncomfortable. But I’d get away with it over, and over and over again. So they would always just get pissed, pissed, pissed. So then they were like, “Screw Paul!”

big brother 18 paul interview

You developed a great friendship with Victor.

We couldn’t be more opposite of each other, to be honest, but when half of a million dollars was at stake, that guy didn’t turn his back against me. He was loyal to me through this entire game. I couldn’t have done this without him. I made a good friend out of this. He and I were loyal to each other throughout this entire game and that’s friendship to the max! All these other little showmances and alliances that came and went left and right, we clearly saw how those ended up. Vic and I were a good team, that’s all you really need.

Did Victor coming back into the game help your game more than it did his?

I don’t know if it helped my game because he was such a huge target. A big threat. He was a bigger target than I was but I was always paired up with him. If we were on the block together, there was no denying that the kid was a competition beast. Pairing up with Victor was a double-edged sword but it took us far as hell. I don’t regret it at all.

Your friendship with Paulie was great in the beginning but then it crumbled.

With Paulie, I sniffed the B.S. from a mile away! I knew he wasn’t all of a sudden BFFs with me and tossing James and Corey to the side. I could smell that there was something weird there but I had to go along with it the best that I could because at that time he was one of the strongest players… So why not just go along with it and go as far as I can? And then he was gone. On to the next! [Laughs]

Speaking of B.S. in the showmances, spill some tea. Who really hooked up?

I will legitimately tell you that they were all B.S. It’s funny because they would all say stuff behind each other’s back but yet they were all up in each other’s butt’s all season whining if one girl would talk to someone else and not them… They’d be so upset even if they’ve known them for X amount of days! I was the youngest person in there and I would just look at these adult babies and go “What the hell are you doing? You’re playing a game. This isn’t a dating show!”

Who was the biggest baby?

Oh… Michelle! Hands down. Michelle was a child.

Would you play again?

Of course, I would! I’d love to play again. Maybe I’ll win that time around since I’d be a vet. No shade at all. [Laughs]


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