Soaps: B&B’s ‘Bill’ Weighs In on U.S. Elections

bold and beautiful bill spencer donald trump

bold and beautiful bill spencer donald trump

Don Diamont’s been playing “ruthless and twisted” businessman Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2009. We caught up with the actor while he was in Toronto to get his take on the U.S. elections happening Tuesday (November 8). Would Bill Spencer vote for fellow businessman Donald Trump or would he vote for Hillary Clinton?

“Hillary!” Even if Trump were running as a Democrat, Diamont says it’s all about impulse control. “If you’re on a team, you don’t want your coach to have impulse control problems. You don’t want your teammates to have it either. There’s no circumstance in life where you want someone who cannot control their impulses to be in charge… Where emotions override intellect. That’s how I feel about it. You have to use your common sense. This guy can’t handle the slightest critique or tweet!”

“Bill Spencer is an impulsive guy [as well], but at least he’s got a better grasp [than Donald Trump]!”

bold and beautiful bill spencer donald trump

Stay tuned to The TV Watercooler’s full interview with Don Diamont in the coming days! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS and CTV Two. Catch up with episodes online at For this week’s soap previews, click here.


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