Big Brother Canada Wrap Up: Ika Wong

big brother canada ika wong 2017

big brother canada ika wong 2017

We got the chance to interview Ika Wong following the season five finale of Big Brother Canada. Check out what Ika has to say about her decision to save Demetres in week one, convincing Sindy to getting Neda out as well as her relationship with Demetres!

How are you?

I am good.

It would have been a totally different game if you didn’t convince them to save Demetres and get rid of Mark after week one.

I know!

We have you to thank for this amazing season!

Thank you so much for saying that! I really appreciate that. [Laughs]

Your relationship with Demetres…Is that real? Do you want it to be?

Oh my god… You know what, you guys see me and how I am. I give you guys me 100% all the time. I did not want a relationship inside this house. I fought it. I did not want it. So of course, it’s real. [Laughs] We have a great relationship and we’re going to see what happens. We’re just completely different people. I feel like no one expected us to get into anything! So maybe that’s why people like it? It’s so different.

What was the hardest part of coming to play the game this time around? You’ve got kids, so I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision for you.

It was harder leaving my kids the first time than this time. I remember going home during season two and they were like “I wanted you to stay!” So this time, I felt like they were supportive of me being here and they don’t me to come home!

Are they allowed to watch?

Oh yeah. They watch the show!

So you’re going to have to explain their new Uncle Demetres to them…

Oh my god! [Laughs] I’m mortified.

Things still seem tense between yourself and Neda. Have you both spoken?

No we have not.

Are you afraid to speak to her?

I’m not afraid of her.

Is she afraid of you?

I don’t know. [Laughs]

She was flipping the bird a lot during the finale.

I feel like that’s for Neda and her mom to discuss. [Laughs] They need to discuss her behaviour. I feel like when it comes to stuff like that, I try to just let people do that… and focus on my accomplishments and Demetres accomplishments. Once you get sucked into pettiness like that, it takes over. I don’t want to sit here and give her life. You give people enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.

Was it easy to get Sindy to make that big move? (Getting Neda out)

It took some work! You guys say that — but I’m happy that Sindy followed through and I’m happy that Neda left when she did.

What was the hardest move for you this season?

I would say it’s the little things… I feel like people say all those big things but it’s the constant working and ensuring the connections that you’ve made are solid. Like, constantly working on Dillon, Karen or Dre. It’s like when you constantly have to sit there and talk to people about their dogs but you don’t care… That stuff is a lot of work.

It sounds exhausting.

Oh, it is! I’m exhausted.

Check out Ika playing a round of Rapid Fire in the clip below.


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