Big Brother Canada Wrap Up: Neda & Bruno

big brother canada neda bruno

big brother canada neda bruno

We caught up with Neda and Bruno following the Big Brother Canada season finale. Check out what they had to say about how it was harder playing for the second time around, if winning safety from Canada was a double-edged sword for Neda and a round of Rapid Fire!

Neda, you still seemed upset during the finale night.

Neda: Was I?

You did flip the bird…

Neda: Well, a really rude comment was said, so I’m gonna flip the bird! It’s not bitterness.

Did you feel like you were the target of a lot of people’s emotions?

Neda: Yes, especially the people in my alliance… I had to put up with a lot. Sometimes I would just break down and feel like I should say something, but then that would have made me an even bigger target.

Did you feel that winning the protection was a double-edged sword?

Neda: 100%. Winning it was great because people had to vote for it and I never thought I’d win something like that. That aspect of it was really exciting. But once you think about it, it really altered my game. I had to change up my game once I got it. It was like a ticking time bomb. Other people were just waiting for it to end.

Was playing this season harder than the first time around?

Neda: Yes.

Bruno: Absolutely. We already had big targets on our backs coming into this game, whereas last time, nobody really knew what we were about. You could actually hide and lay low under the radar for a few weeks. This time, I felt that as soon as we walked through the door, it was game on right away! People looked at us and said, “That person has to go or this person has to go.” So, right off the bat, we had targets on our back — which, definitely changed our game.

Was there anything with the newbies that you had to teach them? Did they look to you for advice?

Neda: I think it was mainly the instances where you’re locked into a bedroom for four hours and they don’t really know that. We’re like “bring in the snacks, we’re going to be here for awhile.” Other than that, it’s not like we were teaching them strategy.

Did anyone’s game play surprise you guys?

Neda: Yeah, I was really impressed with Demetres’ gameplay.

Bruno: Yes, the way he won all the competitions was great.

If Demetres and Kevin had been in the final two, who would you have voted for?

Neda: I don’t know… It’s a toss up. It would have come down to speeches. They both had amazing games. I do think that Kevin had better jury management than Demetres did.

Bruno: Absolutely. Kevin’s jury management was really good. People had a positive view on him when they were coming into jury. Both played really good games, but I would have still voted for Kevin.

Check out Neda and Bruno answering ‘Rapid Fire’ questions below.


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