Big Brother Canada Wrap Up: Karen Singbeil

big brother canada karen singbeil

big brother canada karen singbeil

We chat with Karen Singbeil following the Big Brother Canada season finale. Check out what she had to say about playing with “the kids,” her “Karenoia” and a round of Rapid Fire!

Are you as sick about hearing about your age as we are?

Oh yeah…

It’s not like you were playing this game at 80.

I know. You know what, it’s honestly like the way that some of these houseguests have treated me. Once you get to be a certain age, they treat you like you’re absolute garbage. It’s like you’re disposable, don’t mean anything and delusional. A couple of them treated me like dog shit under their feet. I wasn’t even worthy to be spoken to after week one. It’s like, “Who outlasted you!” That’s a real thing… generationally, people do get that discard. I was coming in here and thinking, “No. Not on my watch.”

But you were still close to some.

Oh, I was close to a lot of them. In different aspects even, where they’re all working with different alliances. That helped me. If I didn’t have all those social relationships with people like Dillon. He and Emily were never in an alliance with me. William wasn’t in an alliance with me, but at certain points we were working on the same side of the house. Oh, those helped me. Bruno was on the opposite side but I knew he’d still tell me stuff.

You’ve mentioned that money isn’t everything.

It’s not.

It’s all about the experience… But now you’ve won some money after coming in second place.

I’ve got a little to pay bills… Same as everybody.

Any trips with the family?

I doubt it…

Was it hard leaving them?

Oh gosh, it was terrible. And not being able to talk to them. I had told my husband about the feeds but it wasn’t until I had got that video on that ParticipACTION day where he said he was watching the feeds with the kids. I felt the support. That made a huge difference for me.

Missing your family was the hardest part, then?

We’re in this paranoid state… Karenoia is real. You’re with these kids here and you’re fighting to stay alive. You’re time restricted. Food restricted. Sleep restricted. Everything is taken from you. You have no idea what’s going all. All you have to deal with is these maniacs in this house.

Were you disappointed by any of these houseguests?

Oh, no more than I am in normal life with people.

Did you learn anything from these kids?

I learned that you can still do whatever you do, the best that you can… If you’re just genuine to yourself. I didn’t have to prove anything to them. I was just really me and they accepted me for that. I didn’t have to play some different game. I thought I would have to come in and play a different game than the one I played and I feel so good about that. Because honestly, I could just be myself and that’s way easier to do than in real life.

Women work hard but then they are also expected to manage a household. Was it easier managing this household or your real home?

I made a point coming in here that I wasn’t going to be their housemaid or their cook. I didn’t cook my first meal in here until Day 30 — and then they realized that I could cook. I was like “Uh oh, I cooked too early!” [Laughs]

30 days is still a long time. It’s almost half of the game.

It is… I’ve never had more meals cooked for me in 40 years than I have had in this house! But I only did things out of sheer necessity. Like with the towels. They were the biggest pigs, I did it so that I had a clean towel. I didn’t do it because I wanted to clean their towels.

Check out a round of Rapid Fire with Karen below.


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