Big Brother Exit Interview: Mark Jansen

big brother mark jansen

big brother mark jansen

Mark Jansen, the 26-year-old personal trainer from Grand Island, NY, was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house this past Thursday (August 24). We caught up with Mark before he left to the jury house about why he gravitated towards Jessica and Cody, this season’s bullying and more.

As someone who was able to play both sides for a while, what made you gravitate closet towards Jessica and Cody? Were they easier to get along with than the other side?

Yes, they were easier to get along with and are good people. That’s who I started off with and I had a vision of me, Jess, Cody, Elena, Matt and Raven until I saw how they play the game. The way the other side of the house acted when I started seeing them arguing with people and how they were treating people, I understand it’s a game, but I’ve never been one to follow. It’s one thing to follow someone’s vote but I mean, the way they were talking about Jess and Cody and harassing them… I’m a quieter guy and I just like hanging out with Jess and Cody way more.

Would you agree that some of the connotations this season could be seen as bullying?

Absolutely, it’s what it was. It’s hard for me to say this now because I like Josh as a person… I mean, I threw a drink in his face… I’m sure that’s harassment. But for someone to follow people around slamming pots and pans, that’s harassment. Same thing with Jess and Cody. I didn’t hear all the arguments, but they said some stuff to Josh too. It’s just not right. It drove me crazy this summer.

Do you think that you and Elena can rekindle what you had in the house now that you are both in the jury house? Will it be easier to see if there’s something more between you now that you aren’t in the Big Brother house and see where things can go?

It’ll definitely be easier. Trying to have a relationship in the house with cameras everywhere and microphones and thinking about the $500K is very difficult and she voiced her concerns frequently. I hope we can rekindle what we had in the house, especially in the beginning, because she’s amazing. For somebody to always make sure I’m good, even when I’m in the wrong, she always made sure that I was okay. There wasn’t a day that went by that she let me go to sleep upset. Even though she wanted to act tough and that she didn’t care, she did show me that she cared and that means a lot.

Do you think Kevin has managed to play a pretty low key game? Do you think he could have a shot at getting past some of those big personalities? Or are you worried that he could be targeted next?

I love Kevin on every level. As a person, a husband, a father — everything he stands for. Just from getting to know him, he’s an amazing guy. He’s played an absolutely incredible game. He’s genius and I told people he’s threat after the whole Cody vote. I think he’s the one who stirred the pot with his vote but I could be wrong. People don’t see him as a threat in competitions. I hope he gets [to win] a mental competition. I don’t think he’ll be in jury anytime soon. I don’t think he’ll win though… He’s probably the safest in the house right now for the next 2 or 3 evictions.

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