CTV’s The Disappearance Premiere Now Available On Demand

watch the disappearance online ctv

watch the disappearance online ctv

CTV has made the premiere episode of its new miniseries The Disappearance available as a special sneak peek on CTV.ca and on demand through television service providers across Canada ahead of its October 1 debut.

The Disappearance follows the mysterious disappearance of 10-year-old Anthony Wilson (played by Michael Riendeau), who vanishes on his birthday during a treasure hunt. The series stars Peter Coyote (E.T.) as retired judge and prosecutor Henry Sullivan, Aden Young as soulful musician Luke Sullivan who is Henry’s son, and Anthony’s father. Additional cast members include Camille Sullivan (The Man In High Castle) as Anthony’s mother, Joanne Kelly (Warehouse 13) as Henry’s daughter Catherine, Micheline Lanctôt (Unité 9) as Lieutenant-Detective Susan Bowden, Kevin Parent (Café de Flore) as Sergeant-Detective Charles Cooper.

watch the disappearance online ctv

The premiere episode has Anthony’s school project getting him in trouble with his teacher and creates tension between Luke and Henry. After Henry sends his grandson on a scavenger hunt for his birthday, Helen and Luke panic when their son mysteriously vanishes, setting off a puzzle of unthinkable consequences.

The Disappearance is created by the Montreal-based writing team of Normand Deaneu and Geneviève Simard and is directed by Peter Stebbins (Orphan Black). The 6-episode series was shot on location in and around Montreal and will be presented in 4K where available.

The Disappearance premieres on Sunday, October 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV. French-language version of the series will also premiere on Super Écran on Oct. 1. Episodes of The Disappearance will also be offered to Crave TV subscribers each Saturday at 9 p.m. ET beginning September 30.

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