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Krypton Premieres March 21 on Space

watch krypton canada

watch krypton canada

The latest DC Comics television series Krypton will have its Canadian broadcast premiere on Space beginning Wednesday, March 21, at 10 p.m. ET.

Krypton makes its television debut as comic book fans celebrate the 80th anniversary of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s Superman, who debuted in Action Comics #1 in 1938. “Krypton stands out among other Superman series with its fresh exploration into the origin of an already iconic story and franchise,” said Pat DiVittorio, Vice President of Programming at CTV and Speciality. “It’s an exciting addition to Space’s well-curated roaster of primetime sci-fi, and we’re confident its discerning viewers will make their calendars for this must-watch, 10-episode event.”

watch krypton canada

The Superman prologue series is set two generations before the destruction of Krypton — Superman’s home planet — and follows Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe, Florence Foster Jenkins) in the Kryptonian city of Kandor, who is faced with a life and death conflict: the let save his home planet or let it be destroyed in order to restore the fate of his future grandson. With Krypton’s leadership in disarray and the House of El ostracized, Seg must balance the quest to redeem his family’s honour and protect the ones he loves while being challenged by Brainiac (Blake Ritson, Indian Summers) and the Earthly time-traveller Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos, Melrose Place), who finds himself stranded on the planet.

Also starring in Krypton are Georgina Campbell (Black Mirror) as Lyta-Zod, a solider in the military guild and daughter of Kandor’s military guild leader Jayna-Zod, who’ll be played by Ann Ogbomo (Wonder Woman), Elliot Cowan (Da Vinci’s Demons) as politician Daron-Vex; Aaron Pierre (Britannia) as Dev-Em, Lyta-Zod’s betrothed; Rasmus Hardiker (Your Highness) as Kem, a con artist and lifelong friend of Seg-El; Wallis Day (The Royals) as Nyssa-Vex, the youngest daughter of House Vex and briliant lawmaker; and Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones) as Val-Eg, Seg’s grandfather and one of Krypton’s greatest scientists.

watch krypton canada

Krypton is created by executive producer David S. Goyer (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and has been in development since 2014. Cameron Welsh (Ash vs Evil Dead) also serves as executive producer and showrunner. VikingsCiaran Donnelly directed the first two episodes. Production of the pilot was originally scheduled to take place in Montreal last summer, but production was moved to Serbia while the series continued to be filmed in Belfast. The series will air on Syfy in the U.S.

Krypton premieres on Wednesday, March 21, at 10 p.m. on Space.


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