Coronation Street Preview: Week of April 30

carla michelle spoilers coronation street

carla michelle spoilers coronation street

Look for Michelle to confront both Carla and Robert this week!

On Monday’s (April 30) doubleheader: Alya discovers the truth about Rana. Toyah visits Eva at her cottage in Lymm. Alya’s shocked at Zeedan’s hypocrisy. Michelle feels betrayed by Carla. Daniel plans a press campaign for Anna. Eileen’s startled when Nicola lets herself into No. 11. Alya’s furious to find Kate in the factory office. Michelle rails at Carla, disgusted by her friend’s betrayal.

Tuesday (May 1): Micelle confronts Robert over the steroids. Yasmeen is suspicious of Rana’s mother. Daniel sets up a camera in the cafe. Eileen makes an impassioned plea for Anna’s release.

Wednesday (May 2): Sarah packs her bags for her move to Victoria Court. Robert promises to give up the steroids. An intruder lets themselves into No. 11.

Thursday (May 3): Max and Lily beg Shona to come home. Aidan offers Summer a day’s work experience at the factory. David’s world is falling apart.

Friday (May 4): Summer arrives for her work experience. Gary believes David is headed for a breakdown. David is desperate to put Maria off the scent.

Coming up on Coronation Street in Canada during the week of May 7:

  • David gets a new girlfriend.
  • David is then confronted about his behaviour.
  • Simon winds up Toyah.
  • Zeedan offers Rana a job.
  • Eva goes into labour.

Coronation Street airs weeknights on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC App and online at


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