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big brother canada maddy season 6 exit interview

Maddy Poplett was the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother Canada. With only two houseguests eligible to vote, the Ottawa resident was sent home after being up on the block alongside her alliance member Paras. We chat with Maddy about when she realized she was going to be evicted, if she could have had Will’s vote and what she thinks was her biggest move.

When did you realize you were going to be voted out instead of Paras? Why do you think they kept her over you?

Honestly, I realized that I would be voted out once Kaela did not use the veto. I definitely felt strongly that my pitch was valid. I also knew that I was the mental threat to them while Paras was the social threat. When I knew for sure was when Paras told me that Derek was going to be keeping her. At that point, I wasn’t giving up by any means — I still went up and spoke to them — but at that point I was aware that it was me heading home in fifth place. I think that they kept Paras because they wanted to prioritize the threats a little bit. When it comes to competitions, Paras has outlasted me in endurance and a couple of physical competitions, but in the majority of the other ones, we’ve either done the same or I’ve done a little bit better. I think when it comes down to it, the structure of final four and final three is kind of the only time you can predict with certainty that there will be mental competitions. I think that with having me out of the way, everybody voting felt more comfortable in having a chance to win more competitions.

Do you think you ever had Will’s vote over Paras?

I guess I’ll never know if I had Will’s vote over Paras at some point. I do believe that he did react to my pitch with good reception. He did say at one point, that between me and him, it was better for his game for me to stay. I’ll never know if that was true. I do think that he saw the light, but in the end it really wasn’t up to him because Derek was the other vote and Kaela was the potential tie breaker…They got to decide what was best and he just went with it. If he ever did want to keep me, he didn’t really have that option in the end.

Looking back, do you regret trying to flip flop to Kaela and Derek so quickly after her HOH win?

I don’t necessarily feel that I flip flopped to Kaela and Derek… I had a conversation with Kaela where I told the truth (that Will and Paras were hesitant to keep her), but I don’t know if that necessarily meant that I was abandoning them in favour of Kaela and Derek. I positioned myself most favourably with something that was the truth. I don’t necessarily think I was abandoning ship by any means, I was just playing for myself instead.

What do you think was the biggest game move this season?

Retrospectively, it’s hard to say after having being in the habitat for awhile, but I think that keeping Kaela instead of Alejandra in the triple was a really big game move. I also think that Kaela taking out Erica during the sort of “Canada’s veto” was a great game move because she had great potential. I think that sending home Olivia and Johnny in the triple eviction was also such a big moment… So, it’s hard to say. I think that keeping Kaela over Alejandra as probably the biggest.

What do you think was your biggest move in the game this season?

I mean, a lot of my moves were a bit more understated than I expected….considering second place doesn’t earn you any power in this game. I think that being one of the big voices behind evicting Ryan was one of my big game moves.

The two-hour Big Brother Canada season six finale airs Thursday (May 10) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


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