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Bell Media Cancels Daily Planet and Innerspace

innerspace cancelled

innerspace cancelled

Bell Media cancelled Discovery’s Daily Planet and Space’s InnerSpace this past week.

The Canadian media company also cut 17 positions including eTalk’s executive producer Morley Nirenberg.

Hosted by Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin, Daily Planet was the go-to daily science updates for 23 seasons on Discovery Canada. “To our viewers, we will always love and appreciate the support you gave us every night,” said a Twitter post on May 23. The series debuted in 1995 as before being renamed in 2002. Previous hosts included Jay Ingram, Judy Haladay, Gill Deacon, Natasha Stillwell and Valerie Pringle. Daily Planet picked up a Canadian Screen Award in 2017 for “Best News or Information Series.”

“After 9 phenomenal seasons, last night was InnerSpace’s final episode. Due to increasing production costs and declining revenue, we can no longer continue production. Thank you to our hosts, crew and incredible fans for the unforgettable adventures. LLAP,” was posted to Space’s Twitter account on May 24. InnerSpace was the home for Canadian exclusives on the latest sci-fi/fantasy news for TV and movie buffs. It was hosted by Teddy Wilson, A.J. Fry and Morgan Hoffman.


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  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson
    May 30, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    There is a reason I don’t have any Bell Media services. Where am I going to get a Canadian perspective on Science, Technology, Science Fiction and Genre news. Bell only cares about the money and their all mighty share holders. Screw them.


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