Big Brother Exit Interview: JC Mounduix


jc big brother exit interview

The 20th season of Big Brother came to an end on Wednesday (September 26) night with the jury voting to award 30-year-old Kaycee Clark as the winner in a 5-4 vote over Tyler Crispen, winning the grand prize of $500,000. Runner-up Tyler was awarded “America’s Favourite Houseguest,” while JC Mounduix placed third.

We got the chance to chat with JC about who played the better game — Tyler or Kaycee, his biggest move and who had the weakest gameplay.

Although Kaycee was upfront with you right after she won HOH, she still took Tyler to the final two. Did her doing that to you make it easier for you to vote for Tyler to win?

Not really. I voted for Tyler because one of the things I had told myself when I walked into the house was that I wasn’t going to be a bitter jury member. I was going to be loyal to Tyler to the very end. I think he played a way better game and that’s who I gave my vote to.

Could Kaycee have done anything differently with her jury management at the end to convince you to vote for her?

Tyler played a way better game than Kaycee. She was very loyal but I came up with some of the ideas for the alliance and she was just there. She was super loyal to us and I appreciate it. I love her and she’s an amazing competitor, but I definitely think that Tyler played a better game than her.

What do you think was your biggest move in this game?

[Laughs] I felt that I had a few good moves. Every time I sat on the orange couch, I knew exactly what was going on in that house. I knew which way people were going to vote and who exactly was going to go home. Small things like flipping the vote — I think those were really good moves. My general strategy had them going after each other.

Who do you think had the weakest gameplay this season?

A few had the weakest gameplay. Rockstar, Swaggy, Caitlyn and Haleigh. Almost all of them [on the other side].

From your perspective, what was the biggest moment, twist or blindside this season?

There were a lot of big moments this season. They were all special. This season started like crazy. It all started with backdooring Swaggy and it got crazier from there. Definitely that moment.


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