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Big Brother Winner Interview: Kaycee Clark

kayce big brother winner

kaycee big brother winner

The 20th season of Big Brother came to an end on Wednesday (September 26) night with the jury voting to award 30-year-old Kaycee Clark as the winner in a 5-4 vote over Tyler Crispen, winning the grand prize of $500,000. Runner-up Tyler was awarded “America’s Favourite Houseguest,” while JC Mounduix placed third.

We had the opportunity to chat with Kaycee a day following her emotional win. Check out what she had to say about the surprise jury votes, winning all those vetos and having her parents in the audience on finale night.

Congratulations! It must have been a crazy night and morning.

Thank you! Oh, crazy. I couldn’t sleep at all!

Was there anyone’s jury vote that surprised you?

I thought I would have had Haleigh and Brett’s vote. I thought Tyler lying to Brett’s face [would have guaranteed me a vote]. Those two.

You made it clear to JC right away that you were going to take Tyler to the final two. How much of that was out of loyalty? Do you think you could have still won against JC?

Yes, I do feel like I still would have won over JC. They both had a lot of blood on their hands, playing both sides of the house.

Definitely a move out of loyalty then?

For sure. 100%.

Was there a move that you had to make for the sake of your alliance that you regret?

No, nothing that comes to mind. I don’t regret anything!

From your perspective, what do you think was the biggest moment, twist or blindside this season? And let’s include the season finale where Swaggy C and Bayleigh got engaged on live television — after not seeing each other for almost two months!

Yeah! And knowing each other for like three weeks. [Laughs]

Are they still engaged this morning?

Yeah, right? That’s a great question. I wouldn’t doubt it.

So the biggest move or blindside?

Oh gosh, there are a lot of them. Blindside… Swaggy. That was a huge blindside. Bayleigh also because she had a power app that would have messed everything up for Level 6.

What was your biggest move or defining move? I know winning the last HOH was a big one.

It’s going to have to be the vetos.

Yes, you were the veto game.

Winning the veto against Faysal… I won that by one point. If he had won that, he would have still been in the house. So, winning these vetos were crucial because I had to solidify and ensure that the nominations remained the same. We had to get our biggest target out of the house. In order to get the whole other side out of the house, we had to ensure that the nominations stayed the same. It started out with Faysal.

Was there a particular eviction that was hard on you?

Yes, the Bayleigh one. Personally, that was hard… But it was a game move. Rachel’s eviction was hard too because I cared about her, but she had to go.

What was it like reuniting with your parents on that stage after you had won? It was so sweet.

Oh man, it was so cool to see my mom and dad and the joy on their faces. It felt like another championship game where I see them in the stands. My mom’s screaming and my dad’s hands are up in the air. It just felt really good. They are my number one fans. I love to see them in the audience. To [see them] win my favourite game in the world, Big Brother, that was just awesome.


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