Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Kiera Wallace

kiera wallace big brother canada exit interview

kiera wallace big brother canada exit interview

Kiera Wallace was this week’s evicted houseguest on Big Brother Canada when Kyra decided not to use the new “Blood Veto” to change the nominations of the house on Thursday (April 4) night. We caught up with Kiera following her eviction to discuss what move Estifania should make going forward, why Kyra didn’t use the “Blood Veto” and why she found it hard to connect with the other side of the house.

Was Kyra not using the “Blood Veto” smart for their game or do you think they were just afraid to make a big move?

I think Kyra plays emotionally and by not using the Blood Veto, it has proven it. Every time I spoke with them about eviction night or the vote, they kept bringing up the fact that Chelsea was gone and that was their best friend in the house. As much as they’d like to say they are not an emotional player, by not using the Blood Veto, it’s proven that they are.  Chelsea left last week and it sucks for them, I guess [Laughs].

What advice or words of encouragement did you give Estafania before you left? Who do you think she should align herself with to stay safe in the house?

I just tried to let her know that I always recognized her as a strong player. I definitely think that people underestimated her. The only person that hasn’t underestimated her is Anthony. In regard to this whole Guys’ alliance, I’m not sure if aligning with Anthony is the best move for her game going forward. I would actually like her to link up with Sam because I think that together, they could go really far.

Is there a moment from your time in the house that you are excited to watch on TV?

I think anything that has shown, I just hope that it’s true to who I was. I do a lot of embarrassing things normally, but nothing really embarrasses me because I’ve done so many embarrassing things that it’s all the same to me.

At what point and who do you think will make a big enough move against Samantha/Adam and/or the Guys’ alliance?

I’m hoping that it’s Esti… If she were the one to put up two guys and even if one of them took themselves down and she put up another guy, I would be absolutely elated. I think that if she would do that, it would be a huge resumé builder and definitely shake up the house. By doing so, I think it could prove to everyone that she’s not a sidekick.

What was so hard about not being able to connect with that other side of the house?

I found that as time went on in the house, relationships were forming and the problem that had was that I had created a relationship with Dane and Esti early on and didn’t feel the need to extend that further because I did put a lot of trust in them. With that being said, I think that the hardest part was the fact that there had been so much talk in between, so even when I did try to create those relationships, or those relationships tried to be made with me, there was so much speculation by that point that it was hard to connect.

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