Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Isabella “Bella” Wang

bella big brother 21 exit interview isabella wang

bella big brother 21 exit interview isabella wang

Isabella “Bella” Wang is Big Brother’s first houseguest to be sent home following the “Camp Comeback” twist which saw David Alexander, Ovi Kabir, and Kemi Faknule evicted last Thursday when Cliff Hogg beat them in a challenge.

We caught up with Bella following last night’s (July 25) eviction to discuss her apology to Nicole, her respect for Cliff and if she felt any racism towards herself or any of the other houseguests.

You shot down an all-girls alliance pretty quickly. What were your reasons back then and do you regret that now?

In the history of Big Brother, an all-girls alliance has never really worked out. I tried it… [Laughs] I mean, you gotta try everything when you’re there! It just didn’t really work out because I didn’t trust it. If I had been more trusting and we all committed, maybe it would have last for more than an hour!

Speaking of trust, you didn’t really trust Nicole and may have mistreated her. At what point did you decide to apologize to her?

I think I had to come to that conclusion. I regret my actions so much and I really voiced that to Nicole in my final days [there]. I love her so much, but I acted with such aggression because I felt that Nick and I were threatened. What Nicole said was true and when I had a moment to cool down, Nick and I had time to reflect and see how things were playing out. When I was campaigning to stay, I really did make it a point to apologize to Nicole and say, “You clearly were right.” I’m so thankful that she accepted my apology. It means a lot to me and I’m sure that I’ll apologize once again when we are both outside of the house. I can see us being really good friends after this and I really do love and respect Nicole as a person.

Why do you think Jack and Michi (aka Jackson) turned against you and Nick so quick and decided to try to evict Cliff to blindside you guys?

I think that we were always at the bottom of Gr8teful and came for us when they saw us getting closer to the other side. It was great gameplay and made a lot of sense for them to stick together and [try to] get Cliff out. It was understandable.

Jack and Michi played major roles in sending David, Ovi and Kemi home… What do you think he singled out those specific houseguests?

When you are not in the game, it’s hard to understand that everyone is just trying to protect themselves. We barely had enough energy to try to save ourselves day-to-day. I don’t think there were any malicious intent for those three [specific] players to go home, and now me [as well]. It is something that the houseguests were aware of — that America may see this as something ill-willed because it really was not. It was truly a coincidence. At no point did I feel like I was being targeted because of my identity.

You never heard any conversations about you or other houseguests that may have been considered racist?

No. I was not aware [of any].

Who should Nick work with now that you are out of the game?

I really hope that Nick can work with Michi because when it works out to his favour, he will turn against Jack. If that’s the case, then he’ll need Nick and Sam on his side. I hope that neither of them gets evicted this upcoming week.

Holly’s won HOH, who should be worried?

Everyone is going to expect Nick and Sam to be worried, but I think that Holly and the group are pretty smart. After my campaign, they have a lot of things to consider about how they’ll go forward with this game. I think that might put Jess and Nicole’s game at risk. We’ll have to see! Nick and Sam would be the obvious choice but a lot can happen in a week.

How did you feel about Cliff’s gameplay? He was able to win back his spot in the house and become HOH back to back.

I have no resentment towards Cliff for putting me on the block. He is a great man and he’s an amazing presence in the house. He has my respect and has the respect of a lot of the other houseguests as well. He could have made an easy decision to get Jack out because he’s such a big threat, but I respect the way he decided to do things. I wish him all the best. He fought back so many times to be in that house. He deserves to be there. I’m so happy for him and I wish him the best in these upcoming weeks!

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