Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Sam Smith

sam smith big brother 21 exit interview

sam smith big brother 21 exit interview

Sam Smith was this week’s evicted Big Brother houseguest following a what we’ve been told was a chaotic eviction day. We caught up with Sam to get a preview of the chaos that erupted in the house before his eviction, what move the new HOH should make and why he decided to blow up Christie’s game!

That seemed like a crazy moment right before your eviction. I hear you’re calling it a fiasco?

Definitely chaotic last night. I hope those six gotten broken up!

Can you give us a little preview of what to expect on Sunday night’s episode?

I really hope that I did enough damage on that set. I want to see the people at the bottom to make their move. Now is the time! I planted seeds of deception and doubt. Now is the time for them to come up, make some moves and get this ball rollin’! I tried it to benefit me but was almost a minute late and a dollar short! I almost had it in the bag. Fifteen minutes before the show, I had the votes [to stay] but at the last minute, I lost it.

Why do you think it faltered? And when you say “blowing up games,” are you referring to Christie’s game?

Yeah, 100% Christie. I originally didn’t have any intention of blowing Christie’s game. I was gonna walk out of that house with that secret and no one would have known [how she was playing]. Then I went around and heard that she was campaigning to get me voted out. Then, she came and cried to me and said she didn’t want me out and is being forced to do whatever the HOH wants. Like, get out of here! You know I talk to people. So when I started campaigning, I said to myself “Why am I not exposing what Christie has said or done?” And that’s why I told Nicky, then told Jack, and then Holly.

Everyone was upset after that. They all had one-on-one’s and Christie became a little standoff-ish. Nothing happened at first and then all hell broke loose two hours before the live show. Everyone was throwing out allegiances and who was with who. It was totally chaotic. I was sitting back watching all those seeds of doubt and deception explode. I was ecstatic! I thought “this is it, this is how I save myself. It’s going down! I pulled it off.”

And then right 15 minutes before the show, Cliff, Tommy, and a few others told me they’d vote for me to stay. Those votes were rolling in. After that, all these little one-on-one’s started and then we sat down for the live show. I looked over to Jack and he said “Sorry.” I looked over at Tommy and he shook his head and said: Sam, we tried. Thursday’s live show needed to start a half-hour earlier! [Laughs] If that was the case, you would not be talking to me right now. Yet, here we are.

Why do you think they played it safe by going back to the original plan?

Everyone is so scared in there of making a big move and going against the majority. Everyone is terrified of that. Christie has her power and they want to make sure that’s there for when the double evictions could happen. People are still scared and in the long run, if you look at me, I was a social threat. Compared to Kat, I was way worse [to have in the house] than her. I think they all decided “You know what, while we have this chance, let’s put aside our differences and get rid of Sam who is a social threat.” I think that’s what happened. Everyone went the safe route. I think that after the vote happened, there’s definitely more going on now. I’m excited to see what transpired.

Speaking of threats, how is Nicole viewed as a threat by some of these guys?

Nicole was used as a threat because of the whole Nick and Bella scandal. She tried joining a group. That’s why she was viewed as a threat. I was hoping to sit next to her [on the block] instead of Kat. I love Nicole though, we became super close in the last week and a half. I love that she’s quiet like a little church mouse. She wiggles her way in and is good at keeping secrets — as far as I know! She is playing a decent game. She’s recovered from that huge blowout. She’s still kind of a target, but only from the Nick and Bella situation. Nick got out of a lot of crap. Nicole can get out of it, too. She can make it a lot farther and I’m really rooting for her. I’d love to see Nicole in the finale.

Jessica won HOH last night. How do you think her reign will shake up the house?

I really hope that the six are shaking and in doubt now! Jess needs to stick to her guns and work with the little people. She needs to work with Nick, Cliff, Nicole, and even Tommy. I think Tommy can be persuaded into that group because he sort of was on my side a little bit there. That’s who she needs to work with. This is her chance. I really hope she doesn’t blow it. However, she was reeled in these past couple of days and that’s how she found out I was looking to target her on weeks one and two. She was reeled in by Christie at that last minute. I did tell her that she got reeled in by Christie very late and campaigned to her. Hopefully, that did something. She did hug me during the chaos in the house and said, “Just remember I didn’t forget what you told me.” She told me that right by the kitchen. So, I’m hoping that she meant that. I hope she targets two out of the six. She needs to if they wanna see a shakeup in the house!

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