Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Christie Murphy


Was there speculation of a double eviction ahead? If so, how did you prepare in anticipation of such an event?

The house has been speculating double eviction for last four weeks. We are always on pins and needles when we see Julie’s face. There is no way to prepare. Mentally, I just prepared to win the HOH for the double.

How did you and Tommy manage to keep your past a secret? Were there moments where you nearly let the secret slip?

I have no idea how we managed to keep it a secret. I think that our accents are so similar, so I thought that in itself was a dead giveaway, but it wasn’t. I think it helped that we staged conversations with each other, getting to know each other and acting really shocked about each other’s lives.

At first, when you realized Tommy was in the house with you for the summer, did you think you would make it this far in the game together?

It’s weird because half of me saw him and thought ‘oh my god, we are going to final two. This is a sign, thank you universe!’ The other half thought ‘Oh no! Why am I being challenged like this. This is never going to work.’

Why do you think you were a consistent target for the past 5 weeks?

I may not have been the best physical competitor, but the houseguests showed they feared my memory. Heading towards the end, there is a lot of memory challenges and people feared that. I was also a liability because I would call people out on their games and that was threatening.

Before entering the house, did you anticipate this experience would make you so emotional?

Absolutely not. I like to think of myself as someone who is really level headed and tough. I know I’m sensitive, and that I’d have my moments of crying. But I quickly realized this house ripped me open and the floodgates opened and I couldn’t close them up. I felt like my emotions throughout this experience were out of control.

Did you go into the house with a strategy? If so, did you follow through with that plan or did you play a different game?

I definitely came into the house with the strategy to get involved in a majority alliance. But also be social with everyone outside of my alliance. I think I stayed true to that for as long as I could.

What is your biggest regret and what are you most proud of?

The thing I regret the most and am most proud of is kind of the same thing. I regret calling everyone out on everything. But I’m also really proud of that because I feel like in doing that, I exposed people as bigger threats than me and gave me more time.

Who do you think deserves to make it far in the game?

A few people deserve for different reasons. Logical game play and comp winning, people like Michie and Cliff may deserve it. But I also could see someone like Tommy making it to the end because he’s been so consistent and so loved by everyone.

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