Big Brother Exit Interview: Kaysar Ridha

kaysar ridha big brother exit interview all stars

Big Brother favourite Kaysar Ridha was the latest All-Star to be evicted on Thursday (Sept. 3) night. We caught up with Kaysar the day after his eviction to discuss how social media has managed to reshape the game, why for him playing the game was never about winning the money, and which member of the six-person alliance he thinks will make a move first!

What up Kaysar!?

[Laughs] Thanks! That’s an awesome greeting.

Missed opportunity from Julie when you walked out.

I was waiting for it, actually. She’s done it many times in the past, so I was expecting it from her. 

I think she was probably just excited to speak with you.

I was getting great energy from Julie last night. I think she was excited to talk to me. I think she got emotional for a second when she was discussing the state of affairs and how I chose to address them.

At what moment did you decide that you were going to blow up other peoples’ games and finally add some excitement to the otherwise “boring” All-Stars season, as you called it.

I felt like it was the least I could do for the fans. 

[Laughs] It was my departing gift. I said, you know what, “Let’s go out with a bang!” This is All-Stars. The fans deserve more and let’s shake things up a bit. If I can do that, I’ll do it on my way out. 

kaysar ridha big brother exit interview all stars

That was great! I feel that the OG players know more what the fans want. This season has been way too friendly. Do you think we’ll finally see some shots being taken now? The core six will have to turn on each other now, right?

Absolutely. I think it was only a matter of time because they were going to run out of freebies, so to speak, to go after and give those templated speeches where they say, “We all love each other, and this is the way it goes. I had no one else [to put up]. This is what the house wanted.” 

I think that drama is surely to erupt sooner rather than later. Maybe it already has? I haven’t been kept in the loop [since last night]. Look, I think this is something that needs to happen. It has been a very safe and passive season. I understand that part of it, not to draw associations with what’s happening with the state of the world, but a lot of people just don’t want more drama because of all the drama that is happening around the world, to be honest. Ironically, the Big Brother house became a safe haven.

How did you feel about Memphis being part of that six-person alliance?

I wouldn’t say that I’m enraged or upset. I’m actually impressed. Impressed, as a competitor. I have to say that it’s one hell of a position to be in.

Out Dani, Nicole F., Christmas, Tyler, Cody and Memphis, who do you think is going to turn on someone first?

Tyler. This is based on a really good talk that I had with him in the storage room before the votes, he came up to me and said, “I never tell anyone my vote but here’s the way I’m voting, out of respect for you.” I told him that I appreciated it and that it’s “Just a game and I hope that we can remain friends but I’m going to let you know that I’m going to blow up at this house.”

He goes, “Do it!”

That’s awesome to hear. I think the fans will be happy to hear something like that. Very interesting to see his reaction here. 


How do you feel social media has changed the game? When you and Janelle first entered the house 15 years ago, it was a different game. Now, everyone wants to be nice because of social media. Nicole F. is a “Social Media Influencer.” It’s her job. How has social media changed the gameplay?

As a purist, or self-described purist, I don’t like it. Over time, the game just reshaped. I think that this is something that is only unique to Big Brother. You can see that any show that goes on for a number of seasons, people start to play up or ham it up for the camera. It’s unfortunate because the beauty of this genre is the raw nature. It’s when you get to see the genuine element or the realness that comes through the television set. That’s what we grew up to love. 

As we start to kind of move away from that, people give shoutouts to so and so or “I’m going to come out and have my own podcast. This is why I’m doing this.” It becomes extremely apparent and I don’t like it. Even if that’s something that as a derivative you’d like to do, try to be in the moment for a second. Try to keep the craft intact. Do what you were set out to do and worry about that later. There was a little too much of that for my liking. 

I’m going to date myself here, but [my first season], it was [only]MySpace. The iPhone hadn’t even come out yet. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was only in its first season! [When the first All-Stars season came around.]

That’s some great advice for some future houseguests to consider. Thanks for that. I’d like to acknowledge how important it was to see someone who looked like you enter the house 15 years ago. 

I appreciate that.

It was ground-breaking at the time to have the first Muslim enter the Big Brother U.S. house. You were given this incredible responsibility. Do you feel that being the first sort of hindered your chances at playing the game in a way? Even now, it was great to see you have those conversations with Da’Vonne and the other houseguests. It was really important that these were shown. Do you think you could have played a harder game without having to live up to that responsibility?

I don’t think so. I don’t think that it could, or I don’t feel that it did. In fact, even if it did – I don’t care, that’s how I would put it. It was always so much bigger than the game for me. 

With all due respect, if I had to choose, to hell with the game. So that’s how I felt about it going in.

That’s awesome.

It was never going to be a choice. 

kaysar ridha big brother exit interview all stars

You did mention that you didn’t come back for the money. You came back to have these important conversations because you were given a platform. You brought some light into the Big Brother house during this dark time. Thank you for that. Was deciding to come back still a difficult decision to make? Or was the calling greater?

The calling was greater. I didn’t make my intentions clear to everybody because I didn’t want to be talked out of it. But [that]was something that was very clear to me. I kept it general, it’s opportunity that doesn’t always come along, especially 15 years after you set foot on to a show. In fact, most shows aren’t even around after that long.

There are tons of things that came into my mind for consideration. Obviously, nobody wants to leave their family behind during a time of crisis. Especially when they are cut off from the outside world. It was extremely difficult [to make this decision to return]. When I say that this felt like a sacrifice, it wasn’t because I’m not grateful for it. It was because I had a whole lot to lose. When you leave your family behind in a time of crisis, there’s a lot going on. Especially when you come to a certain part in your life where a whole lot of people rely on you. 

I knew that it was a sacrifice that I had to make because people lost jobs for saying far less. People have been shunned for doing far less. That was a risk that I was willing to take. I had to do it. I feel that it’s something more people should do, to be honest. I can’t tell people what to do, but I hope that people can stand up and be a lot more courageous in life.

When people ask me “Why do you always have to go at it alone?” That’s because no one else wants to do it. Nobody wants to take risks.

kaysar ridha big brother exit interview all stars

Would you ever consider another reality show? Maybe The Amazing Race with Janelle?

Part of my reasoning for coming back to do this season was Janelle. I did want to come back with Janelle. I think there’s something incredibly special about that. I wouldn’t rule out anything that involves Janelle. She’s an incredible person and I enjoy every minute of being able to do something with her. Who knows!?

We’ve got Big Brother Canada – just putting it out there. Maybe they should reach out to you guys.

[Laughs] Oh man, I’m a little burnt out right now…

Next year!

I can’t make any promises. [Laughs]

Christmas is HOH. Da’Vonne came pretty close. Any predictions for Christmas’ nominations or her targets?

I think Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are going up on the block, unfortunately. It pains me to say that.

Hopefully that’s not the case.

I agree!

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