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New on Sundance Now: What’s Streaming in September 2020

new on sundance now streaming september 2020
new on sundance now streaming september 2020

Sundance Now’s big premiere in September will be new comedy We Got This. Created, written and starring Schiaffino Musarra (The Man with the Red Horn), the series finds George, an American living in Sweden, who is grieving from the recent death of his father along with the sudden collapse of his career and the arrival of an unsurmountable tax bill. George decides to solve his problems by trying to solve the 30-year-old murder of prime minister Olof Palme. 

A new episode of We Got This will premiere each Thursday, beginning September 3.

Supernatural crime drama One Lane Bridge from New Zealand premieres on Thursday, September 17. During a murder investigation at Queenstown’s infamous One Lane Bridge, ambitious young Maori detective Ariki David (Dominic On-ArikiThe Commons), inadvertently reawakens a spiritual gift that endangers the case, his career and his life. 

New episodes of One Lane Bridge will continue to premiere each Thursday.

Sundance Now’s Additional September Premieres

  • Away (Film, 2016) – September 1
  • When I Walk (Documentary, 2013) – September 7
  • When We Walk (Documentary, 2019) – September 7
  • The Suspect – Finale on September 8
  • River (Series, 2015) – September 10
  • Blindsight (Documentary, 2006) – September 14
  • The Vicious Kind (Film, 2009) – September 14
  • Encounters at the End of the World (Documentary, 2007) – September 14
  • Fight for Justice: David and Me (Documentary, 2014) – September 15
  • War of Art (Documentary, 2019) – September 21
  • The Departure (Documentary, 2019) – September 21
  • Cosmopolis (Film, 2012) – September 21
  • Slings and Arrows (Season 2, 2005) – September 24
  • People You May Know (Documentary, 2020) – September 28
  • One Million American Dreams (Documentary, 2018) – September 28
  • Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans (Documentary, 2015) – September 28

Check out what else is streaming in Canada in The TV Watercooler’s Streaming Guide.


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