Big Brother: All-Stars Wrap Up with America’s Favorite Houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers

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The TV Watercooler had an opportunity to speak with the winner, runner-up, and America’s Favourite Houseguest following the Big Brother: All-Stars season finale last week. In our interview with America’s Favourite Houseguest, Da’Vonne chats about her return to The Bold and the Beautiful and we make a pitch for her to play Big Brother Canada!

Congratulations on winning America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Thank you! I’m so excited about this! It’s not just about me – we did it. History was made. It feels so good. My heart is full. 

Very well-deserved. How does it feel to see all this support? Not just from the fans but also some of the other Big Bother alumni?

My mind is blown! I expected going into finale night that there was going to be tug-of-war between Tyler and Janelle but for Julie to even say my name in the Top 2, I was like “Yay!” But then when she said my name as the winner and then coming out and hearing from people who told me they voted for me, my heart is so full.

That was my prayer going into the game. I said, “Lord, let me touch one person.” So, to come out and to find out that so many were touched. There are no words! I’m so grateful.

We couldn’t vote in Canada, but I’m sure you get the picture. We’re all happy for you here.


It would be awesome if you came up here to play Big Brother Canada!

I’ve been asking Arisa! She playin’, but I’ve been asking.

We’ll have to get the word out to Arisa Cox now that she’s an executive producer!

I’m so proud of her! So proud.

It’s been a messy season. I spoke to you before you went into jury but coming out of the game now there’s so much unfolding on social with some of these players (ahem, Nicole). If you’re going to be shady, you’re going to get dragged, right?

[Laughs] Pretty much! 

But you know, that’s what I said… Going into the Big Brother house, it has live feeds. So, you’re putting yourself under magnifying glass for 24 hours, seven days a week. Non-stop, around the clock. When you sign up for that, you’re also signing up to come out and whatever happens when you come out, you’ve got to have thick enough skin. That’s why I think I can do well with Twitter because I know how to say “Okay, I’m going to address this and then deal with that when I get to that.” You don’t have to engage and engage…

I don’t know who followed me from the show. I don’t know who started following me! I don’t care. I don’t pay attention to stuff like that. You’ve got to figure out when to turn it on and turn it off. You have to detach from this game. Otherwise, it will consume you.

When we spoke before you went to jury, you said you didn’t trust Nicole. Do you still feel the same way about her now?

There’s no trust there. As a Christian, Biblically, I do forgive her with my whole heart. I do give her my forgiveness. 

I love her with the love of the Lord, but the Bible also talks about wisdom and wisdom lets me know that I cannot let you back into my life again. You do not value that. And so, I’m okay. I would rather protect my space, my energy and my peace – and let you be okay, over there.

So that’s where I’m at with her. 

You’re not going to that wedding, then?

No! And here’s the kicker! I was never invited! 

Come on!

She had all season! All season. She gave me $5,000 for America to see, but she did not give me an invitation. 

Child, bye. 

I’m telling you that at this point, there isn’t going to be anybody there except for her and Victor.

How did you feel about the final three? Was it easy to make that decision to vote for Cody?

No. I’m not a hater, first and foremost. Whatever I felt about Cody, I felt about Cody… but with the way he played the game. I was rooting for Enzo. Don’t get me wrong, Enzo sucks at jury management as well. He’s burned a lot of people too. But he was the lesser of all the evils, in my opinion, that were still left there. I was rooting for Enzo in that HOH and he didn’t nominate Cody! I was like, “What are you doing?” You just took the opportunity away from him to say, “I’ve never been on the block!” 

I said the whole way, anyone who voted to clip him and get him out, that’s the person to watch. Nobody did it! And he made it all the way to the end. Give the man his money so we can go.

How would a final two with Enzo and Nicole looked like?

Oh, I wouldn’t have a problem voting for Enzo. But he wouldn’t have won. Everyone else would have voted for Nicole. I wouldn’t have a problem with her winning this season, but it wouldn’t have been with Da’Vonne’s key – I’ll tell you that!

In addition to America’s Favorite Player, some other exciting news is that you’ll be appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful again as Starr!

[Screams!] I’m so excited about that! I’m super-excited. It airs in December. I’ve got some lines this time! I feel good about that. I can’t wait for everybody to see it. It was so much fun!

You’ve already filmed it?

Yes! I filmed it the day after the finale. I literarily went to sleep and then got up at 4 a.m. because I had to be on set by 7:45/8 a.m.

Are you a fan of the show?

Yes, my grandmother used to watch it! Those were our things, we’d watch The Bold and the Beautiful, ThePrice is RightBig Brother and Survivor! I pray that she’s looking down and she’s proud of me.

Can you tease who you’ll be appearing with?

I’ll be in a scene with Ridge [Thorsten Kaye]! So, I’m excited about that.

Brooke better watch her back!

[Laughs] It was good! We were cool.

Thanks again for chatting! Fingers crossed for Big Brother Canada!

Tell Arisa to call me! [Laughs] Thank you so much.

Big Brother Canada returns for season 9 in early 2021 on Global. Big Brother will return for season 23 next summer on CBS and Global


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