Coronation Street Preview: Gail Issues a Warning for Natasha

coronation street spoilers canada week of november 2 2020
coronation street spoilers canada week of november 2 2020

Monday (November 2)

Eileen finds Erik and Tim rowing in the street. Gemma begs Jenny for a few shift at the Rovers. Billy berates Todd for abandoning Summer.

Tuesday (November 3)

Billy’s getting cold feet about the archdeacon position. David finds Huge taking pictures of the barber’s. Gail warns Natasha to keep her hands-off Nick.

Wednesday (November 4)

Todd reminds Billy how good they were together. A journalist calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat and explains that she’d like to tell their story. Leanne feels like she’s the only one who wants what’s best for Oliver.

Thursday (November 5)

Scott talks Johnny through his plan to rob Ray and his mates. Gail confronts David over his plan to sell the house. Natasha tells Leanne shed’ like to donate money to Oliver’s fund.

Friday (November 6) – Part 1

David explains to Gail that he’s selling the house to an investor. Sean’s grateful to have his son back safe and sound. Gail urges Nick to be honest with Leanne.

Friday (November 6) – Part 2

Johnny begs Scott to leave him out of his robbery plans. Leanne realizes Wendy is their only hope. Jenny is convinced that Johnny is hiding something from her. Ray’s poker game is in full swing.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of November 9:

  • Johnny calls the police.
  • Alya books an estate agent to value No. 6.
  • Johnny reveals his criminal past to Jenny.
  • Scott offers to buy Emma’s silence.
  • Michael decides it’s time to put Grace behind him and look to the future.

Coronation Street airs weeknights (with 2 episodes on Fridays) on CBC. An omnibus edition also airs Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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