Coronation Street Preview: Craig is Shot!

craig shot coronation street spoilers canada
craig shot coronation street spoilers canada

This week on Coronation Street in Canada: Craig is shot following Scott’s robbery plan. Later, Johnny confesses his criminal past to Jenny. 

Monday (November 9)

Johnny calls the police. Craig races to the bistro. Alya runs a credit check on Yasmeen.

Tuesday (November 10)

Jenny pressures Johnny to make an appointment with the MS nurse. Alya books an estate agent to value No. 6. Geoff receives an alert on his phone from the house alarm.

Wednesday (November 11)

Johnny reveals his criminal past to Jenny. Alya quizzes Geoff about the loans. Evelyn asks Dev for her job back. Alya and Ryan decide to follow Geoff.

Thursday (November 12)

Johnny receives a second chance. Alya suspects Geoff might have found a new woman. Scott offers to buy Emma’s silence.

Friday (November 13) – Part 1

Alya overhears Geoff arranging a date. Steve is bowled over by Emma’s generosity. Abi wonders if they’ll ever be rid of Debbie.

Friday (November 13) – Part 2

Michael decides it’s time to put Grace behind him and look to the future. Abi quizzes Debbie about her elusive job. A police officer approaches Emma.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of November 16:

  • Sally’s shocked when she learns the truth about Debbie.
  • Michael receives a letter from Grace.
  • Faye pours her heart out to Craig.
  • Sean tries to impress Dylan with his football knowledge.
  • Nick fears he’s lost both Leanne and Oliver.

Coronation Street airs weeknights (with 2 episodes on Fridays) on CBC. An omnibus edition also airs Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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