Coronation Street Preview: Debbie’s True Motives are Revealed!

Debbie Ray spoilers coronation street
Debbie Ray spoilers coronation street

This week on Coronation Street in Canada: the truth about Debbie and Ray is revealed! Plus, will Michael go to see Grace after her shocking announcement?

Monday (November 16)

The police question Emma about the cash she received from Scott. Sally’s shocked when she learns the truth about Debbie. James advises Michael to steer well away from Grace.

Tuesday (November 17)

Michael receives a letter from Grace. Dev persuades Aadi to have a dads and lads day out. Sally and Tim hear a loud noise coming from the garden.

Wednesday (November 18)

Imran instructs Emma to go to the police and tell them the truth. Faye pours her heart out to Craig. Dev realizes he missed the shopping trip with Aadi. Grace calls Michael from prison.

Thursday (November 19)

Abi’s concerned when Sally reveals her plan to move. Sean tries to impress Dylan with his football knowledge. Michael visits Grace in prison. Nick and Leanne play back Wendy’s interview.

Friday (November 20) – Part 1

Leanne accuses Gail of making up stories about Nick. Corey joins the Alahans for dinner. Gail surreptitiously replaces Wendy’s Dictaphone where Simon found it.

Friday (November 20) – Part 2

Sean is determined to find a new career. Todd persuades Sarah to give him a trial in sales at the factory. Nick fears he’s lost both Leanne and Oliver. Oliver’s hearing takes place. 

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of November 23:

  • A drunken Paul offers the bishop beer.
  • Peter and Carla arrive back from their holiday.
  • Nick arrives at Oliver’s bedside.
  • Steve reveals his true feelings to Leanne.
  • A thug approaches Peter in his cab.

Coronation Street airs weeknights (with 2 episodes on Fridays) on CBC. An omnibus edition also airs Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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