Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Latoya Anderson

latoya anderson big brother canada exit interview season 9

It really was a house divided this week on Big Brother Canada as Latoya Anderson was sent home in this season’s first unanimous eviction. We had the pleasure of speaking with Latoya following her eviction to discuss the way she was able to shade Victoria as she left the house, why they should have flipped last week’s vote, and her disappointment with Tina.

You were very selective with whom you hugged before you left. Did you plan not to hug Victoria beforehand?

I did not plan that. It was kind of just in the moment. I saw her sitting there… I hugged Kief, and then I hugged Jed. I saw Victoria, and thought “I’m not going to be confrontational, but I need to let her know that I’m not feeling you.” So, I went around her and hugged Tina and Tera. I didn’t want to hug Tina and Tera, but I wanted to make a point. I had to do that to shade Victoria.

It made for great TV – thank you for that. You’ve mentioned that you didn’t feel something wasn’t right when Victoria said that Kiefer was her target.

I knew it wasn’t right! I don’t know where I was chilling in the house, but a feeling came over me and I felt “Something isn’t sitting right with me here.” Victoria told me right after her HOH win, “Girl, you are safe! Don’t even worry about anything.” As the day went on, I felt something wasn’t feeling right and I went to talk to her. 

“I know you said I was safe…” But based on how she was responding to those questions, I knew that I wasn’t safe. There were too many things that she was listing off about me as to why I was on the block as opposed to one thing about Kiefer. 

“I’m the bigger threat. You have the opportunity to send me home and that’s the bigger move for you. You’re a superfan, you’re here too make big moves! Why would you send Kiefer home over one thing that he said when Kyle had said things about you [as well]and you know other people have said things about you… What is it about Kiefer that’s gotten you so hurt? I’m your target.”

Did you feel that your fellow alliance members know that Kiefer wasn’t really the intended target?

I think that they flipped back and forth. I had some conversations with them, and they said, “Oh yeah, I think you are the target.” Then, they’d have some more conversations with Victoria and would say, “No, you are not the target.” But I would go, “No! I am the target.” 

It kept flipping back and forth. They’d talk to me – “I’m the target.” They’d talk to Victoria – “You’re not the target.” And that was the whole point, right?

Do you think that Victoria used the failed attempt to flip the votes last week as a cover because she was really threatened by you?

Yeah… That’s all that it was. She was threatened by my game. She saw that I could influence people, spoke well, and I had a big impact on the game.

She saw my potential and what I could do. She didn’t like my relationship with those guys and wanted to be their number one…the centre of their attention. She just wasn’t getting that, so she came for me!

When Victoria surprised you all in the kitchen earlier this week when Jed, Ty and Kiefer were saying she needs to go. You remained very quiet and composed. How frightening was it when she appeared? Do you think she really heard them speaking?

I was very calm, and at that point, was wondering “Why are we playing nice? She’s coming for one of your alliance members!” I don’t think she heard, but if she did, at this point – the line has already been drawn. Just go get her! Stop playing nice.

I think that’s the thing that frustrated me with those guys. They were trying not to ruffle feathers. They were trying to make deals with the other guys where they wouldn’t go after them and then they wouldn’t go after them either. 

I mean, it’s like…we’re at war here. Let’s go to war. Let’s just play this game and do it. Stop being nice and sugar coating it. We don’t like her; we want her out!

What do you think went wrong with Rohan? Could any deal have been struck between you two?

I think that what went wrong with Rohan was that I should have confirmed those votes the night before. I should have stuck to my gun. I knew deep down that Rohan needed to go home and that was the best move for my game and my alliance’s game. 

Another mistake that we made was that we brought other people into the situation. We had enough people in our alliance to have enough votes to vote Rohan out, but we involved Victoria and we should have. 

The first time that Tychon had the idea to vote Rohan out, I should have just said “Yeah, it’s a big move. Let’s do it!” Once Josh came and presented the idea, I actually trusted Josh more than I did Kyle and Rohan. I felt more comfortable being in the house with Josh there than I did with Kyle and Rohan together. I would have rather taken my chances with Josh. He wasn’t going to target us. We could have worked with him. He could have been indebted to us for saving him. “Let’s work with him. Let’s get Rohan out. And we could always use Josh as a pawn going forward.” I just couldn’t get that done! 

As you say that, I’m picturing a completely different game! 

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The moves that I was trying to make, it wasn’t just for the “now.” I was looking to the future. Right? What I kept telling those guys is that Josh had one emotional episode and then when we had that house meeting, there’s truth to every lie. Some of what Josh was saying was true. 

When Josh came to me with information, I didn’t just sit. I kept it in the back of my head. He should have stayed in the game. Had he stayed, I would probably be still in that house.

What are your thoughts on Tina and Tera? Do you respect the move they made? Can the rest of your alliance still trust them?

I think that if anything, me leaving really spoke volumes to my alliance. I think they now know that they cannot trust Tina and Tera. I hope this is an eye opener for them. I hope they realize that they can’t be nice anymore. They’ve really got to play hard and be savvier than they’ve been being. They’ve got to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. 

I’m really disappointed with Tina. I thought I could go far with her in the game with her. I thought I could trust her. I judged that wrong.

Who do you hope won the next HOH? How are you hoping this week’s nominations go if someone from your alliance has won?

I am hoping that someone from my alliance wins the next HOH! I hope it’s either Ty, Jed or Kief. But again, I’m unsure where Kief stands completely. I know that he was feeling hurt that the entire alliance wanted me to stay and chose me to stay over him. I know he’s still hurt over that. I don’t know if that’s going to cause any friction going forward. 

I would like my alliance to have some power and take some control in this game.

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