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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Josh Farnworth

josh farnworth big brother canada exit interview season 9
josh farnworth big brother canada exit interview season 9

Josh Farnworth was the second evicted houseguest this season on Big Brother Canada. We caught up with the 30-year-old Film Production Coordinator from New Westminster, B.C. to chat about choosing chaos, who he’s stanning inside the house, and who he hopes the next target is. 

That was a very memorable two-week run.

You’re welcome! If I wasn’t going to win, I was at least going to give you guys some entertainment. I think I might be a very big standout among “early outs.”

The vote was unanimous. That must have stung a bit.

The house just wanted to be unanimous with everything because everyone was so scared of having their game exposed because everyone was playing four thousand sides. They just did what was best for their game. I don’t hold it against anyone. 

There were conversations that I don’t know if they were seen or not, but I had one with Victoria, who was one of the people that I did confide in. The week before, she had voted me out just because she didn’t want to have Julie feel bad. I said “Don’t do that for me. Don’t ruin your game. If it’s going unanimous, just go with it. I don’t mind. 

You campaigned pretty strong. Was there anyone else who you think could have actually flipped and made a difference?

I think that one of the pivotal issues that I got wrong was that I thought Tera was in the big alliance rather than Beth. I wish that I would have included Beth in that conversation… But then Beth was playing so many sides, I couldn’t trust her at all. So, if Beth had been part of that, then Tera might have gone along with these people and I might have stood a chance. But I knew there was no flipping Kyle or Breydon. 

Being the long wolf in the game must have been hard. Especially after how isolating this year has been for everyone. You were finally around people, but you were still alone. How did you cope? 

By causing chaos! 

Did you manage to make any strong connections at all? Is there anyone you’d be rooting for?

I’m rooting for (even though she was against me at some points) Latoya, she really did pull for me at certain times. I’m also rooting for Victoria – she was one of the nicest people to me in the house, even if she did play me a little bit. She’s just such a Big Brother Canada fan… and I’m a Victoria stan.  

How did you manage to stay relatively calm during that house meeting?

I knew where it was coming from. I don’t think that Jed has heard any of the things I’ve said before, even though they were all very true. I was trying to manipulate him into doing what I wanted and by finally pointing some stuff out so that maybe he would stop being manipulated so easily. I was not anticipating it blowing up into a house meeting where everyone lied about me to my face and said that nothing which I was saying had any validity and that it was all a whole bunch of speculation… Which is part of the game! Secondly, I was pretty spot on with everything that I was pointing out. 

They were just trying to save their own game and did it in a way that I think when they look back and watch the series, they’ll not feel the best. I hope they deal with it.

Did any of the goodbye messages change your opinion about any of the houseguests?

No. [Laughs] I loved Tera’s though. I knew that’s how she felt. Tera is someone that I did genuinely like in the house. Everyone else was super salty and taking the game very personally. That’s their problem.

What went through your mind when you found out about the Sunsetters alliance? Were you surprised about any of them working together?

I was only surprised about Beth. Beth is the sneaky snake of the house who is in too many rooms and is playing too many sides…and weirdly lying. [She has] the weirdest lies.

Getting you out was the cleanest task…

It was the cleanest task for everyone this week. It did not expose their game. But their games are being exposed now. There’s no potential floater in the house for them to pull in. They made a bad game move. I’m fairly confident in this. But hey, it’s their game. 

Who do you think that next big target is going to be?

I hope Beth is up next.

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