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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Kyle Moore

kyle moore Big Brother Canada exit interview season 9
kyle moore Big Brother Canada exit interview season 9

Red Deer, Alberta’s Kyle Moore was the fourth houseguest to be evicted this season on Big Brother Canada. We got the chance to speak with Kyle following his eviction to discuss being up against the block with Rohan and Austin, why Kiefer is aligned with the people who voted him out, and who he hopes to see on the block next week.

Being on the block and playing for the Power of Veto against Rohan couldn’t have been easy. Was it bittersweet when he was able to win and take himself off? Can you tell us a bit about your friendship with him and what brought you two together in the house?

That veto was tough. We knew that one of us needed to win it, obviously. Jed and Beth came to us and said that they were going to throw it. We didn’t believe it for a second! We didn’t know why they’d say that. It was pretty obvious that they didn’t do that. 

Seeing Rohan win that veto, I was super proud of him. I was pretty far behind. I honestly believed at that time that we both would stay. I thought that Kiefer was going to end up putting Victoria on the block and we had the votes to send her packing. I was actually really pumped that Rohan won. I knew that if he didn’t win, he’d be the one going home and that wasn’t awesome either. It was tough.

I just found him [Rohan] as a really trustworthy guy that I could bond with. We had a lot of the same sense of humour. We could just have fun together and vibe out. Having someone like that getting dropped with 13 people that you don’t know is so, so, big for your mental state and enjoying your time there. 

You also became close with Austin. Which couldn’t have been easy either once she was the replacement nominee. What was it like campaigning against someone where some feelings were developing?

This was the shittiest block experience ever. Going up against my number one – who was able to pull himself down…and then putting up the person that I started developing a strong connection with and knowing that one of us was going home and that wouldn’t be able to continue. It was super tough. 

I knew I had to let people know that I wanted to be there. I wasn’t going to walk out of those doors without saying anything, but I wasn’t going to drag her name either. I think Austin’s playing a great game and she’s going to go far. I can’t wait to talk to her, but I hope it’s not too soon and hope I see her on that finale night.

Do you think you were the main target or that the house could have easily flipped to vote out Austin? Did you have a feeling that you’d be the one sent home?

Yeah, as soon as Kiefer put up Austin, I kind of knew. You know what, I don’t know how to feel about it. It obviously sucks for me. The writing was on the wall. He said he wouldn’t put up Austin. There’s two ways that I was looking at it – I thought maybe they were going to backdoor her. 

I knew Kiefer was an emotional player and he was never ever going to let the pantry thing go. Not for a second! It’s unfortunate the way it played out. It’s Big Brother and if he’s going to hold grudges like that this whole game, he’s going to be following me out the door pretty quick.

Why do you think Kiefer went against the very people who voted to save him? Do you think it would have been easier for him and his game to align himself with a new group 20 days into the game? Would you have kept him safe going forward if he joined your side?

At that moment in time, for sure. He would have been on the bottom of the totem pole of our alliance, but whatever. He’s on the bottom of the totem pole of the “lower numbers” in the house. 

I thought he would see the writing on the wall! “These people wanted you out, Kiefer. We kept you here! The only reason we didn’t tell you was because we wanted to show to you that these people are fake. They don’t want you here!”

I don’t know what he’s blindsided by. He wants to fit in with those guys and they do a good job at making him feel included. He’s just really letting his emotions get in the way of his logic, I think.

How do you feel about Victoria’s gameplay? Do you think she’s sincerely on any side or is she playing for herself and only herself?

You know what, I think she is playing both sides of the house a little bit. I think that at the end of the day, she’s going to see the numbers. She’s a smart girl. She’s going to see what we did – and what we needed to do. I was Roh’s number one and hopefully she can get over that. 

Those guys have been lying to her the whole game. We laid it out for her, so hopefully she believes us and then moving forward she can stay on that side and take those shots at those guys.

Who are you hoping to see end up on the block next week?

Jed and Ty. For sure!

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