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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Tina Thistle

tina thistle big brother canada exit interview
tina thistle big brother canada exit interview

Paradise, Newfoundland’s Tina Thistle is the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. We got the opportunity to chat with Tina before she joined the jury house to see what her hopes are for what kind of moves Tera needs to make, if the decision to keep Kiefer will bite the others in the back, and what qualities she’s looking for to help crown the winner.

This week proved that things can change so quickly in the Big Brother Canada house. When did you realize that those in power decided to keep Kiefer over you? Did they tell you before the live eviction vote?

Yeah, I had a conversation with Jedson and Beth up in the HOH room probably mid-week and just based on their body language and lack of eye contact, I knew that things were shifting at that point. I did my best to stay in the game.

I [then] asked them to tell me the day before the eviction if I was leaving the house just to be prepared.

As you head to jury, what are some of the qualities that you are looking for in order to help crown a winner?

I will logically look at every aspect of this game and how their personal relationships were. I will look at what competitions they won and how they managed to get out of certain situations when selection who I think should win.

Tera was by your side this entire time. How did this friendship come about?

We’re closer in age than some of the other houseguests, so I think being in a similar age of life kind of helped with some generic conversations… We shared a bond that way and it just went from there!

Did you give Tera any advice before you left?

Yes! I basically told her that if she gets the HOH to go for the power trio (Jedson, Beth and Tychon) in the house. Make a move and shake things up!

What are your hopes for Tera’s gameplay as she faces that house without you? What are some of the specific moves you are hoping she makes? I know you mentioned she should go after the “power trio,” but who should she get out first?

Yes, I think at this point Kiefer might make a switch in his loyalty. I’m hoping that Kiefer, Tera and Breydon team up so it’s three vs. three. One of those three will get the HOH and potentially put up Jed and Ty!

Kiefer managed to stay safe – was that a wise decision for Jedson, Tychon and Beth?

I don’t believe it is! I think Kiefer is a player that is going to go very far in this game. Quite possibly to the end. After all, he survived a potential backdoor! There’s not many players that can do that. He’s going to be a tough one to get out now.

You warned Kiefer that they could put him on the block, which they did. Do you think he’ll be more cautions with them going forward and align himself closer to Tera and Breydon or do you think he risks being turned on again?

Yeah, there’s been a couple of times where he was a little let down by the trio. I’m hoping that by this point this is maybe an eye opener for him to know that he can’t trust them to further his game. He needs to cut ties as soon as he can.

What was your favourite moment inside the house?

My favourite moment had to be when we got our personal videos from home! That was a great way to step away from the game.

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