Big Brother Exit Interview: Britini D’Angelo

britini d'angelo big brother exit interview
britini d'angelo big brother exit interview

Britini D’Angelo was the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother 23. As Britni heads to the jury, we got a chance to chat with her about how hurt she felt after being put up by Kyland when he originally promised her safety, who else she’s hoping joins her in jury next, and the advice she gave to Azah.

Were you counting on any additional votes to stay or did you think that the majority would vote with the house?

You know, it’s been the theme every single week. Everyone votes with the house because no one wants to play an individual game yet and no one wants to show their cards.

To be honest, I know I had Azah’s vote. I knew that I could have had the votes to stay if Hannah pulled through! Because I had Claire, Tiffany, Derek X and Azah’s… But because Hannah did not pull through. The other three voted with the house. I was not expecting any other votes outside of Azah’s.

They also kind of warned me an hour before the eviction that I was going to be the one going home and that they were going to vote with the house.

While you may understand his decision, can you walk us through how hurt you were that Kyland put you up even though he promised you safety at the beginning?

I was definitely hurt. Not just hurt, I was pissed. I was so upset when I was up there on the block, after the Veto meeting. And especially because of the speech, that speech just made me feel horrible. It did! It made all of us feel horrible!

The fact that he called Big D, Azah and myself for all having an opportunity to win the Veto and we didn’t. That was just telling us “Congratulations, you suck and this is why you’re here!” I was absolutely hurt.

If you remember correctly how the week went down or if everyone got to see this, but Kyland was the one who initiated the deal with me. I wasn’t planning on bringing up a deal with Kyland because he had already told me that I wasn’t his target for the week, so I didn’t really think I had to make any sort of proposal or do anything drastic.

But he was the one who told me that he wanted to work with me until “Final 5” or further because I play this game objectively and because he told me that he wanted to make the deal going forward. He said, “Look if you can give me safety moving forward, I can give you safety this week!” I didn’t even think I had the right to be like “Hey, can I give you safety if I can stay safe in return!”

We shook on that deal three times and to me, that meant “that’s a deal. And I’m going to carry through that deal even though I didn’t really want to carry through with it because I knew Kyland was a target for many people in the house.” I was still going to do it because if I give my word, I’m going to do it. But, the fact that he blatantly broke that deal, and had to make excuses for how the deal was going to go the way that it was and told me that I had a “lack of comprehension” of what was said on the deal… Now that’s just insulting. I’ve worked way too hard in my damn life for you to tell me that I have a lack of comprehension on a deal that I can very easily follow. Thank you very much.

The fact that he really just put us all down in that Veto comment and the fact that he apologized for how the Veto comment came off – because people made him aware in the house, “Look it didn’t look too great on your part, dude. You should probably apologize to all three of them!”

He then threatened me multiple times throughout the week, saying “Hey! By the way, don’t campaign against me or else I’m going to start campaigning against you. Right now, I’m impartial, but watch what’s going to happen!” Like, “You’re going to threaten me and I’m on the block? It makes no sense because I’m there because of you!”

Absolutely, I felt hurt. But I also felt disrespected by Kyland when I hit the block and after. He obviously did not respect me, respect the game that I was playing or care less if he was going to speak to me in which way that he did. I don’t ever deserve to be spoken to like that.

Bottom line is, that was not okay with me. How hurt did I feel? I was absolutely hurt but more than anything, I just felt disrespected.

Is it safe to say that you are hoping that Kyland follows you to the jury house? Who else would you like to see arrive there sooner rather than later?

Yeah, absolutely I want Kyland to show up in the jury house after me. Do I think that that will happen? Depending on who won HOH, probably not. I think he’ll be showing up soon, but not yet.

But, I want Sarah Beth or Alyssa to be walking through those doors just as much as I want him walking through those doors! Those are the three people that I would have been targeting if I ever won HOH and I was ready to take that shot. I want either one of those three…Alyssa, Sarah Beth, or Kyland to walk through that jury door.

You were so close with Azah, did you have any advice for her before you left? Who are you hoping she aligns herself with now that you are out of the house?

Azah! Azah is my queen! She’s my best friend in the house and truly my uno since day uno! Azah has been there for me through everything in this game and the advice that I gave her before I left was “Look go win this HOH for yourself, for me, and for everyone in this house!”

The advice that I gave her was to get out Alyssa because she can beat every female in the house in the final two, except for me. Which is not going to happen against Azah! So, I told Azah “If you get the chance, go after Alyssa because she’s going to say that about you. Hell nah! Go after Alyssa!”

I really hope that she aligns herself with X (Xavier) and DX (Drek X). I also hope that she aligns herself closer with Claire and Tiffany. I just feel like that group right now (X, DX, Claire & TIffnay) is a really good group to stick with. Obviously, Big D as well.

Are there any alliance that you are suspicious of that you didn’t get a chance to confirm that they exist?

Yeah, you know…that’s a good question! I’m curious if there’s anything that involves Kyland at this point. I really don’t understand how Kyland is in any alliance because nobody takes what he says seriously in terms of he talks so much in this house. He thinks his word is law and he is above everyone else in the house.

I don’t know how Kyland is covered in the house right now. But that confuses me in general. So, I’d really like to know how he’s covered!

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