Bachelor in Paradise Canada’s Angela and Brendan Making Moves In the Real World

bachelor in canada angela and brendan interview
bachelor in canada angela and brendan interview

Bachelor in Paradise Canada’s “Camp Paradise” has closed for the season and ended with only one couple left standing: Angela Amezcua and Brendan Morgan. The Canadian spin-off of the American show had a lot of drama, love, heartbreak, and surprises. But for Angela and Brendan, they are not surprised they are the only couple leaving camp together. The TV Watercooler chatted with the new couple about their experience and what’s next for them.

The couple had “talked about the future a good amount” but it wasn’t until an unaired picnic date that Brendan had set up for Angela when she was “really starting to fall in love with him” and could see him as her person. Although there wasn’t an engagement at the end, which is the premise of the Bachelor Franchise, Angela and Brendan “were both on the same page about engagement.” For Angela, “I take engagement very, very seriously like I want to do it one time and I know Brendan also takes it seriously, We knew we had a good foundation built and we wanted to take it into the real world.” Brendan adds “Yeah I agree. I think an engagement wouldn’t have been a fully thought-out move based on the fact we were there for only three weeks, I think giving ourselves the opportunity for us to move things out into the real world to see how we can adjust to the distance, to bills and things of that nature that comes with real life, I think that was the best for both of us.”

Angela and Brendan revealed that they have both moved in together and have made Toronto their new home. Brendan shared that he grew up in Pickering, Ontario and had been planning on moving back while Angela wanted a “new adventure and surroundings.” On how living together is going, Angela says “I think it’s good that we both enjoy spending the time with each other because we were long distance for a while in different countries, so I’m just grateful that we don’t really have to deal with that anymore”.

So, what’s next for the couple? Angela says “we’re gonna be spending Christmas with Brendan’s family. I’m very excited. I met his sister a bunch of times, we’re close. But I haven’t met his parents or anybody else yet so I’m excited to finally be able to go to Edmonton”. Asked whether Brendan is nervous about Angela meeting the family, Brendan replied “I’m nervous for her to see how she handles the cold. It’s a different beast out there”. Angela adds “We’re gonna go see Lake Louise and Banff and all of that. Yeah it’s gonna be fun. I think we’re looking forward to doing that. And I think we’re hoping to do some travelling together soon. That’s something that we’ve always talked about. We both really love to travel.”

Although their journey wasn’t the smoothest, Angela and Brendan have left Camp Paradise stronger than ever. They have found a way to make it work in the real world and offer their advice for romantic hopefuls looking for love the next season of Bachelor In Paradise Canada.

Angela recommends to “Be yourself, be genuine. Go in with an open mind an open heart. And you know have some fun but also be open to the fact that getting to know somebody quickly and I would say just be yourself, be genuine and have some fun and hope for the best.” Brendan agrees “I would say the same thing. Just don’t be afraid to go against the grain at times. Obviously, there’s gonna be things that people aren’t gonna like, but just be true to yourself and be what you think is right and be open and good things will come from that.”

Bachelor in Paradise Canada has been renewed for a second season! To apply, visit Citytv.com.


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