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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Melina Mansing

big brother canada melina mansing exit interview
big brother canada melina mansing exit interview

Melina Mansing, the 29-year-old artist from Toronto, ON, was the first houseguest to be evicted from the 10th season of Big Brother Canada.

We had a chance to speak with Melina following her eviction to find out more about her campaign to stay and which experience she feels like she missed out on.

Did most of the house let you know how things were going to go regarding the votes?

Um, no. I had an assumption. In that bathroom that morning, I was just like “What’s up? Tell me right now because do I need to continue talking to you guys or can we just like finalize this right now.”

Did you know were the two votes for you to stay?

Yes. Jess and Jay.

Did they tell you before the eviction or did you guess?

They did tell me before I went up to them. I said, “You know you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to screw up your game because I’m okay with a 13 to zero vote.” It does mean a lot to me [that they voted to keep me].

Since it’s the first week and the live feeds weren’t on yet, could you please walk us through how you campaigned to stay since we didn’t get a chance to really see it?

The first person I spoke to was Hermon because I knew he had a lot of influence even though he was like “I don’t want to be part of this, I want other people to figure it out.” I did make a promise to him with Jess now being the target [next week] and if they win [HOH], I could help keep him off the block.  

The rest of my campaigning included telling the rest of the house that I wanted them to play a respectful game and not take the easy route. “If you play this respectful game and be on my side, then I will respect you.” [Respect] is a lot more than trust. But it didn’t end up happening.

Do you think you would have stayed if you were still up against Jessica?

Yeah, most likely.

Was there a Big Brother Canada experience that you wish you had gotten the chance to experience?

Yes, the full endurance comp! One where I’d have to keep my balance. I was so ready! Like, “Let me hang off something!”

Do you think you might have overshared some strategies or theories with Kevin?

Not really because I don’t know if he knew or saw what I saw. He’s not going to get far anyway. So, I’m happy to help.

You saw that with such confidence!

I am confident!

Were you still able to make a connection with someone in the house?

I mean, I wouldn’t say that the connections were what I had hoped for, but they were still progressing. I needed more time.

Will you be watching the rest of this season?

Yes, but only to know if I was right or not!

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