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Big Brother Canada Finale Wrap-Up: Betty Yirsaw and Josh Nash

betty yirsaw josh nash big brother canada finale interview
betty yirsaw josh nash big brother canada finale interview

The TV Watercooler chats with Big Brother Canada season 10 finalists Betty Yirsaw and Josh Nash following the finale.

Betty, the season’s 3rd place finalist shares her thoughts on getting cut by Josh – again – and the hardest decision she made in the house. While runner-up Josh discusses why he took Kevin to the “Final Two” over Betty, and who he thinks started a smear campaign against him in the jury house.

How are you both? I hope doing this together isn’t too awkward!

Betty: Uh, you know what – it was a little awkward in the beginning! Now that we’re in it, it is what it is… It’s not that bad! It still sucks, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

You did still vote for Josh to win!

Betty: Loyal to the bone, that’s who I am through and through.

At least someone was.

Betty: [Laughs] At least someone was…

Josh, that wasn’t the first time that you turned on Betty.

Josh: No, there was the triple eviction as well. When I put Betty on the block, it was because I was working with Haleena and Kevin, and we had already decided that we would be saving Betty. But, Betty didn’t know and that’s when I almost revealed the Crash Test Dummies [alliance] to Betty when she put me up.

Betty, did you ever suspect that Josh would turn on you again?

Betty: No, I honestly was blindly loyal. Josh and I had talked about going to the final two for what seemed like a long time, and I was like, “There’s no way he would do that to me.” And then, I was like “Are you kidding me?” I would always be vocal about how I didn’t want to go out third and I really didn’t think he had it in him. But I clearly don’t know this guy at all!

Josh, could you maybe walk us through why you thought you had a better shot at winning with Kevin?

Josh: Yeah, so I think for a lot of people that were in the jury, we thought that competition wins would be a big thing because they were all really big competitors and Kevin only had one POV win. I didn’t think a lot of people in the jury knew what kind of games he was playing, except for me and Haleena. And so there, I didn’t think a lot of people were advocating for him in the jury.

As for Betty, she’s been on the block a lot. She’s a huge fighter in this game and came out with a few wins, so in my mind, she was a bigger competitor to go into the final two with.

Betty’s the Blockstar!

Betty: Blockstar, baby!

Josh, do you think that cutting Betty at the end was the hardest decision you made all season?

Josh: It definitely was the hardest decision that I’ve made in that house for sure.

Betty, what do you think was the hardest decision that you made?

Betty: The hardest decision that I made in the house was when I put Josh up. I did that and then realized that Haleena and Kevin actually wanted to evict him! I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I think that was definitely hard because I thought, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to be the reason that Josh leaves,” which in hindsight, would have probably been better for me!

But in that moment, I was like, “There’s no way I can get this type of blood on my hands at this point in the game.”

Looking back, do you both understand why the jury voted the way they did for Kevin to win?

Josh: I’ve had the chance to chat with the jury and it totally makes sense why they did what they did, and I can’t fault them on that. I feel like I really did have strong personal connections with people in that house and when you burn that bridge, it just hurts deeper in the game.

Betty: Definitely! I agree. He did to them what he did to me, and I think that they were just like, “There’s absolutely no way we’re crowning him the winner.” And that’s exactly what they did.

What surprised you most from the finale? Whether it be footage from the season or something that one of the other houseguests had to say?

Betty: Josh being a freaking doctor! Like, are you kidding me? I didn’t know that at all! I thought he was a student the whole season or a marine biologist! I didn’t even put two and two together. So, that was definitely an eye-opener and then also just getting cut that last minute! I was really preparing my speech for the final two. Honestly, I was so confident there, so that was just the biggest shocker, I think, of the entire game!

Josh: For me, it was definitely seeing the jury votes come up. I was actually shocked that nobody voted for me, except Betty. And then, I realized there was basically a smear campaign of my name in the jury house since day one.

By since day one, you mean from Hermon?

Josh: Hermon was the one that started that because he had a final two with me and he felt like I didn’t honour that, and so he just ran my name through the dirt in that [jury] house.


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