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Big Brother Canada Finale Wrap-Up: Winner Kevin Jacobs

kevin jacobs big brother canada winner interview
kevin jacobs big brother canada winner interview

Toronto’s Kevin Jacobs was crowned winner of the 10th season of Big Brother Canada on Thursday, May 5, 2022. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to chat with the winner about why he didn’t think he’d win, how his friendship with Haleena blossomed into such a strong alliance, and the biggest misconceptions about playing the game.

Congratulations, Kevin! You looked pretty shocked when you won. Why didn’t you think you were going to win?

Thank you! Oh, I thought Josh completely dominated me in the vote. I thought I had a chance at getting Heleena, Jacey-Lynne, and Summer’s votes – and that’s it. I thought my game wasn’t visible to the jury at all… but they put the pieces together!

Well, it was visible to the fans and it was an amazing ride. You pulled some big strings this season. What do you think was the hardest move to pull?

The week where Hermon went out. I don’t think it counts as a “backdoor” because it wasn’t my or Haleena’s HOH, it was Marty who went into it with such conviction that he needs Betty out and that he needs Josh out and they planned this whole Expedia thing – which yes, we may have played a small role in that. But that week was incredibly difficult because, for me, I was the fourth person that I would want to win that Veto. I had Summer, Josh, Betty, then myself, and then Gino winning it [in that order]. I knew I had to use it and then I had to make everybody think it was their move against the “Showmance” and then be OK with it.  It was a lot.

How surprised were you that Josh took you to the Final 2 over Betty?

I wasn’t surprised. I was pretty sure that was going to happen. He was kind of telling both of us at the same time, but I was just pushing it. Haleena was out the door and I had no strategy to talk to Betty, it was just really full game time with Josh.

“I’m the losing finalist like I’ve been saying for 30 days. I’m the losing finalist and you need to make the right decision. Moose and Hermon are over it. You were their number one and I don’t have a great relationship with them.”

I just kept pushing that over and over [to Josh]. So, I wasn’t surprised. But I did think that I’d lose to Josh.

Would you say that getting Hermon and Moose’s votes were the most surprising?

Yeah, Hermon’s came out of nowhere. It makes sense because he did clock me very early in the game. He knew I was playing a game that he also wanted to be playing, and then obviously asked people as they arrived in jury. They started corroborating stories and adding things. I think Hermon played a huge role in swinging the jury, but then I also had Jacey-Lynne and Haleena arriving in there and working for me.

Let’s talk about the Ghosts. How did that friendship with Haleena blossom into such an incredible alliance? What drew you both to each other?

What’s interesting about the Big Brother Canada house is that you’ve got a very diverse group of people. Canada is a super diverse country. Haleena and I have completely different backgrounds, but we have a lot of things in common. Our families are traditional, we have immigrant parents and we’re very nervous about the sort of flirty stuff that goes on in the Big Brother Canada house and how that is portrayed. Like, if someone hasn’t seen the show, they could make certain assumptions about it. So, we both have the values to guide us and off the bat, I knew that it would be a great foundation. If we don’t get along or if we have disagreements, it’s one thing… It’s going to happen when we’re living together that long, but because we were aligned on our values, it was just a no-brainer.

Being such a superfan of the show, what do you think was the biggest misconception of playing the game?

It was so physically hard. I had no idea it would be so physically taxing. In week one, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep and I was barely eating, because I didn’t want to be in the kitchen… Because there’s too much going on there. I didn’t want to use the microwave and have someone see me.

You’re using the microwave and then all of a sudden, you’re on the block! “Like, I was just eating!”

And sleeping is so hard for the first few weeks. Once I hit my stride, which is when I started feeling comfortable and taking my time to shower and shave, it was when there were fewer people in the house. I got way better, but physically, I did not anticipate the challenges there were and maybe that’s because I felt like I was the least physically fit [person] in there, but I don’t know…

What about the lights? It’s bright in there and I know it can get really hot.

It’s so bright when you walk in. I’m just re-adjusting to the regular amount of lighting right now. But when you walk in and it’s like you can’t even get used to it. It’s so weird and then the air is also dry. Everybody was using lip chap all the time. It was a lot!

What was the hardest moment for you in the house? Was it someone’s eviction? Or a particular competition?

All the competitions were very hard! I’d say that two of the hardest moments for me was when Haleena left. She was my rock in the house and after she was gone, I was full-on “back to villain” mode because iw as really playing for two up to that point, and then I was willing to do anything to win.

Haleena leaving broke me and then it also rebuilt me and that was, I think why, I was able to push Josh so hard to take me all the way.

And then for the second moment, I’m not sure how much they showed but during that final veto competition, I got abdominal spasms. I was in so much pain because that was just an unnatural movement. Physically, it was terrible and I just had to use my arms for a bit of it. I was happy to be able to finish that.

Did anything surprise you at the finale? Other than winning.

Josh being a doctor! I thought he might have something because something didn’t add up! I thought he was probably a marine biologist like PhD because that’s a very specific discipline. It’s not a Bachelor’s degree, typically. So, I thought he might be a researcher or something, but I loved the fact that Josh was a doctor!

What was your favourite memory from inside the house?

It’s starting The Ghosts. It’s day two. Haleena and I were sitting in the phone room together and I think our legs were crossed, and we were like “Let’s do this!”

That’s my favourite. People would ask me in the house about my favourite memory, I wouldn’t be able to answer the question because I wouldn’t be able to tell them about that!

Now you can!

Now I can!

Are you going to watch this season?

Oh, I hope people are just trashing me in the DR! I’m looking forward to it.


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