Big Brother Exit Interview: Jasmine Davis

jasmine davis big brother exit interview season 24
jasmine davis big brother exit interview season 24

During the Aug. 25th episode of Big Brother, two houseguests were sent to the jury. Here’s our interview with the first evicted houseguest, Jasmine Davis.

You mentioned to Julie that you wished you would have worked with Michael a bit more at the start, is there anyone else you wish you would have worked more closely with?

Yes! I would have loved to work more closely with Taylor. I feel like as the game went on, we got to know each other a bit better. Especially in this last week. I just realized that she’s so much like me. We have so many things in common. We’re like-minded when it comes to the game a little bit. So, I would have loved to work with her from the start.  

Which experience in the house was a lot harder than you anticipated?

I think it’s tied for getting my lumbar sprain in the second week of playing Big Brother! But also, just doing this whole Big Brother experience without my father. The loss of him was really still heavy on my heart. As you know, I’m still grieving in my own way. I think that was really tough for me, to be able shut that side of me off and try to focus on the game. But I also feel like it helped me to do so. I would definitely say that those two experiences were the worst for me.

Who was the easiest person to connect with?

The easiest person for me to connect with was Ameerah. We just clicked as soon as we met! I love her so much! She just seems like a sister to me. We had so many things in common and I would have loved if she would have stayed in the game a little bit longer. But yeah, definitely Ameerah!

Who was the hardest person to connect with?

Oh my gosh, definitely Turner! Without a question! We have so many differences. We butted heads so much. Ugh, we just do not get along! So yeah, Turner.

What’s been your favourite memory from inside the house?

My favourite memory was definitely celebrating my 30th birthday and my dad’s 70th birthday. It was definitely a memory that I wanted to make, and I made it happen. I felt his presence was there with me. It was just absolutely amazing!

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