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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: John Michael Sosa

john micheal sosa big brother canada exit interview
john micheal sosa big brother canada exit interview

John Michael Sosa, the 28-year-old project manager from Bradford, Ontario, was the first houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house this season. John Michael chats with us about the “dirty game” being played by Santina and Zack, who he hopes goes far and the biggest adjustments to living inside the house.

Did you instantly regret it, or do you now regret telling Zach that you were going after the boys?

I don’t regret saying that because it really is my truth and you know if someone wants to take advantage of me in the heat of the moment and how that came off, then good for him! But Zach did really make me feel like I was safe and that it was okay for me to confide in him as a friend.

How all that translated was just so incorrect. I was going to him because I was feeling insecure about my relationship with Santina. What I was really saying [to him] was that “I don’t understand how Santina feels this way, because I would much rather go after the guys than go after her.” And I was saying that in my most vulnerable moment, and he ran with it.

You and Santina seemed so close at the start. Would you have turned on her as quickly as she turned on you?

I would have never turned on Santina, period! If I was HOH, she would not be out here in the second week of the season. That just feels morally wrong to begin with… To put up the person you’ve just partnered up with.

But that’s just who I am… I played a little bit with my heart. I played with the passion of loving this game and I look at it from so many different perspectives too – like doing something like this resonates with people in the house or people in your family and with your friends – how could you be so heartless about this decision?

Who would you have remained loyal to?

I would have remained loyal to Kuzie, Hope, and Claudia. In my time of need, they really helped me by seeking me out and fueled me to keep going with my campaigning.

Daniel [C.] was also one of them… I would have also loved to work with Dan [S.] – we actually had a really strong connection at the start, and I wanted to play the game with him. He just stood on the other side of the table and I don’t even think he knows the story. Dan was really confused, and seemed genuinely stunned when this backdoor took place. Which is weird for him because he and Zach are really close, and you’d think that Zack would have looped him in.

So, if there is this Bros alliance, which Arisa confirmed, I don’t think Dan sits with the “cool kids.” He could kind of just be on the outside circle, so I wish I had told him that.

But it was really tough. It was really tough in there.

Who do you think will go far this season?

I think someone who will go really far is Renee. She’s really set herself up for success here. You know, with the whole “dead last” thing, instead of looking at that like “Oh, I’m a loser,” she actually has painted this image that “I’m not a ‘comb beast’ so you don’t have to get rid of me.”

She knows this game inside and out just like I do. She has a really good head on her shoulders and can separate emotion from the game. So, good on her! I think that’s a good amount of traits to make it that far in Big Brother.

Who do you hope will go far this season and who do you hope doesn’t go far this season?

I’m really hoping that Santina and Zach don’t even make it into the jury! At this point, they are playing the dirtiest game, in my opinion.

I never like those kinds of players, anyway. When I watch the show, I’m always rooting for the underdogs.

So, seeing how this all unfolded, I’ve pieced the pieces of the puzzle together and it really became apparent to me the kind of game that they wanted to play. And truth be told, you know, if that’s how they wanted to play it, then that’s fine. It’s justified. But I have no respect for this type of gameplay.

I really want to see Kuzie and Claudia go far. I have some hope that Hope will go far, but I think Hope showed a little bit too much of his cards when he was trying to campaign for me [to stay]. So, if the wrong side of the house has the power, he might be out next and that would crush my soul.

What was the biggest adjustment to being inside the Big Brother Canada house?

The biggest adjustment to being inside the house was not being able to go to my regular “outlets” like not being able to nap, listen to music or sing. I’m just a generally creative person anyway, so you know, it was quite weird having to sit in your thoughts the entire time you were there.

It was also hard to be “on” all the time because when people wanted to talk to you, it wasn’t just so willy-nilly or casual, sometimes it was “Let’s talk game!” It could be so exhausting, and I was just craving a glass of rosé and some music so that I could just slip away for a tiny bit… I think that was the hardest adjustment!

I did make a couple of mistakes and I got my hands slapped, but I’d like to think that I was a good boy while I was in the Big Brother Canada house!

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