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Big Brother Exit Interview: Jonathan Leonard

jonathan leonard big brother canada exit interview
jonathan leonard big brother canada exit interview

Jonathan Leonard, the 33-year-old fisherman, from Paradise, Newfoundland, was the second houseguest to join the jury this season on Big Brother Canada. We caught up with Jonathan to see how hard it was for him to campaign against Hope, what advice he has for Kuzie, and who he’d target if he had the chance to re-enter the game.

How hard was it to campaign against Hope?

Hard in a lot of different ways… It was hard not to campaign for him while I was campaigning for myself. I was sitting up there next to someone I cared deeply about, so it was tough.

I just wanted to tell people what I provide without damaging his game. I just couldn’t do that. I felt like he did the same. It was very difficult.

When did you realize that you were going to go to jury this week?

To be honest, it was down to the last second. I mean, I had a lot of different conversations, and I knew that pretty much no one wanted me on that block. But it’s the way things turned out.  

Hope and I spoke before the eviction, and we went in with the mindset that either one of us would be leaving. We were also in the same mindset that one of us would stay and that person would keep fighting for what we hold true in that house, which is each other.

Even though I’m not with him, he’s fighting for me.

Do you feel that Ty made the best move by putting you up as a replacement nominee?

Yes, from the game standpoint because if he was my number one target and I feel like I could have gotten him out in the next two weeks for sure because I had a lot of people on my side. I had the ladies’ alliance, I had my Crown alliance, and Santina was also working with me, so I feel like I could have [gotten Ty out] even without being HOH.

So, game-wise, I feel like he did make a good move by putting me on the block and getting me evicted. For sure. Respectable.

You mentioned to Arisa that you think Kuzie will win. What advice would you have for her going forward? Is there anyone she should be watching out for?

My advice for Kuzie going forward would be to have a conversation or two with Santina because Santina is a very powerful player in that game, but she doesn’t have any true allies that she trusts.

So, I think that if Kuzie could build a little trust there with her. She doesn’t have to trust her completely, but they could work together. There wouldn’t be any stopping them!

I had built a relationship with Santina outside of the Crown alliance. I am hoping that those two could work together. It was my goal to work together because I knew that with Santina on the side of the Crown alliance, it would just make us that much stronger.

So, I’d say to Kuzie that she would work on a relationship with Santina and see what happens!

Was there anyone that you wish you had a chance to play with a bit more?

Claudia. I really wish that Claudia and I could have worked a lot more together. But she was close to Ty. Obviously, I’m the one that made that showmance happen, so I feel a little bit responsible. I was the one who told Ty that she was great and trustworthy.

I really wish I had a chance to work with Claudia because I deeply care about her. I really wish we had gotten the chance to work together in the house.

What was the strongest connection that you made in the house?

Right away, it was with Rob. We genuinely got along and became friends really fast from the moment we walked into that house. We genuinely liked each other. Our time together ended quickly and prematurely, in my eyes.

Hope! Without a shadow of a doubt, Hope. Our relationship grew each day and we grew so strong.

As well as the others in my alliance, like Daniel C. When we sit down and talk, it’s as genuine as it gets. I truly do care for him, Anika and Kuzie. I genuinely feel like those friendships will last forever.

Looking back, who would you have targeted from the start?

Zach because I feel like he is what brought the demise of the guys’ alliance, which was me, Rob, Ty, and Hope. He wanted to work with me early in the game, but outside of the guys’ alliance, where we’d build other alliances, and in my mind, I knew that was a sign that something wasn’t going to end well!

If you had the chance of re-entering the house now, who would you target?

Oh, I’d stick with Ty for sure. I feel like I can’t trust his word in this game. He says something and you don’t know if it’s true.

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