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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Kuzie Mujakachi

kuzie mujakachi big brother canada exit interview
kuzie mujakachi big brother canada exit interview

At which point did you realize that there was no swaying the votes?

I realized this the day before the eviction. For the better part of that day, I really thought that I had a chance. I knew that it was an uphill battle for sure where I needed to constantly reassure and recheck [with the other houseguests] because people are swayed by just the smallest things. I had to make sure that my conversations with them were bigger because I had more work to do than my opponent, Anika.  

So, I knew that I was most likely going to be going home, but there was a chance until late on the day before the eviction.

Where did you think things went wrong with Daniel?

I think things went wrong with Daniel the moment I was put on the block because I began to notice the reactions. I noticed how comfortable they [Daniel and Anika] were feeling. I noticed how they had already packed my bags for me and chased me out of the house!

So, that was the turning point where I just took a day to observe and listen to exactly what they were saying and listen to things that I could use against them because it was a fight. They were always a duo. I’m just one person. And even though we were a trio [at times], I’m the one person who was alone.

I knew that my whole fight has got to be me versus them.

What qualities are you looking for in a winner?

The qualities that I’m looking for in a winner is somebody that played the game and was fearless about it. I want somebody who was not cowardly. It has to be somebody who stood their ground and played a game of decisions. So, anybody who wasn’t afraid to make decisions or hid behind or tried to float their way to the top. I can’t give my vote [to those players] unless they are the only two standing. I’ll look at other things, then!

But I definitely want a strong player. A player who represents what this season was about.

What was going through your mind when you were in the library searching for clues while Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee were kept out? Do you think that impacted your relationship with them at all?

I don’t think that it impacted my relationship with them because in that week or that day, I was HOH and I used that opportunity to say, “Look, let people think that I’m against you. Let people think that it’s the house against you. But, I’m HOH and I’m making sure either of you don’t go home.” What happened that night proves that they were safe! So, I thought that this would actually strengthen my relationship, which I think it did, but I don’t think there was any dislike for me. I think they took the opportunity to take me out because they consider me one of the strongest players in the house.

I don’t think that me being evicted was a thing of dislike or that I left a distasteful taste in people’s mouths. I think it was fear. Fear for my game, what I could do, and me winning over them.

If there was one move or moment that you wish you could have done differently?

The move with Santina for sure. I think at that point, I think I should have taken the chance to take out those girls [Claudia, Shanaya and Renee] because they took me out!

At the same time, I didn’t know what Santina’s motives were. She didn’t share anything with me. I didn’t have the strongest relationship with her. We did have a good relationship, but it wasn’t good enough to know what her intentions were.

Maybe if I had more time to examine things, but I only had one day as HOH. Maybe it was the right decision? Maybe it was the wrong decision? We never won after that.

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