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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Renee Mior

renee mior big brother canada exit interview
renee mior big brother canada exit interview

Do you think Claudia giving Ty another shot doomed the Girlie Pops alliance? Do you think she’ll regret this decision?

I don’t know if it doomed the Girlie Pops but I do think she could have leveraged it in a way where we could have all worked together and pushed for me to have a place in this final five, and then moving into that final three.

However, I do think she was very quick to jump ship and be all about Ty and his way of scheming and strategizing when push came to shove.

So, I was a little sore to see that happen. But nonetheless, I noticed those patterns in her game throughout, so I wasn’t too surprised to see it happen again.

You had your fair share of being on the block – a true block star! – who putting you up hurt the most?

Probably Ty because throughout the whole game leading up to that point, he was like “You’re not giving me your loyalty. I want to work with you,” but for me, I was always Ty’s second best. Maybe because of how he viewed my game, he thought that maybe I had the stuff to offer but not enough, so he’d put Zach before me or Kuzie before me. I had to knock off the people around him to get closer to him and at a place where I felt safe.

When he had the opportunity [to keep me safe], yes, the initial target was Santina, but to be the second one in line to be thrown up on the block, really showed me that I could be very disposable to him. That hurt for sure.

Who are you rooting for to win the game?

It’s interesting because I’m still left with some feelings of devastation, so who do I really want to win in there? On paper, Ty is that competition beast and he’s gotten himself out of so many pickles where if he wasn’t able to pull himself off the block, he was going to be going home at the end of that week.

I have a lot of respect for that aggressiveness in his came, however, I do think that if Claudia, Daniel, and even Anika (who it’ll be very hard to sway me) presented a strong statement of how they strategized throughout the whole game and how they made moves, hand their hand in moves, and dealt with adversity, I think any of them could sway my vote.   

Is there anyone that you are surprised made it far in the game?

Yeah. [Laughs] Definitely. I feel like it’s a common theme and I feel bad for saying it. I think that I’m surprised that Anika and Claudia have made it this far.

There came a point in the game where I felt, “Oh my gosh, you’re still here! That’s pretty crazy.”

Anika specifically, though, her coming in and not knowing the game… As much as I have thoughts on people’s personal game, her coming in and not knowing the game, I 100% respect of quickly she learned it and how quickly she adapted. Seeing how far she’s made it is quite incredible.

Is there anyone that you are surprised didn’t make it far in the game?

I’m surprised that I didn’t see Kuzie make it further. I will say it as a fan, she was an MPV of this season in terms of an all-around gameplayer. She’s that type of gameplayer who, competition and strategize-wise, is a powerhouse.

I did feel that even though it wasn’t working best for my game for us to align, she is someone that I saw going farther than me in the game, that’s for sure!

Who are you looking forward to connecting with the most in jury, socially?

Oh my gosh – obviously, my choice is Shanaya! In the house, I had to bop around so much in conversations and was constantly in game mode, that the personal connections weren’t as deep as I would have loved them to be. I think developing more of a deeper connection with her that isn’t game-related will be absolutely great. I know that connection is there because were in “dead last” together, we roomed together, and did everything together!

Dan is also someone that I also started missing a lot after he left, and I wasn’t expecting to! We talked in the game and stuff, he put me up and I was pissed – capital P! But him as a person, the way he went out, he had his head held high and had such an infection energy! I’m interested in connecting with him socially a bit more and seeing where he’s at with everything.

Who are you looking forward to talking game with the most in jury?

Santina and Kuzie for sure!

Santina was someone who I really wanted the Girlie Pops to work with, to have a bigger girls’ alliance. But for one reason or the other, I could never understand her game completely. I felt like she was always a few days behind in what was going on in the house.

[Whispers] I think she might even be the Secret HOH! I want to ask her that for sure because that was pin-pointed on me! I need to find that out!

With Kuzie, we talked a lot about the game and viewed it, strategy-wise, a lot like I did. I’d love to hash out all the technical, nitty-gritty, stuff with her because she offers such a well-rounded perspective of the game.


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