Big Brother Exit Interview: Cameron Hardin

cameron hardin big brother exit interview

Was winning as many competitions as you could a part of your strategy going into the game, and if not, what was your original plan?

Oh, God, no. I think I won seven competitions while I was there and winning that many competitions was not part of my strategy. I didn’t have the biggest strategy. I wanted to kind of ride the wave and go where I needed to go. Going in, I didn’t want to appear as a competitive threat, but after a couple of weeks with my back against the wall, I had to start fighting.

Is there anyone you feel the most betrayed by and why?

I don’t necessarily feel betrayed by anyone. I probably looked at the game through a different lens than some people have in the past. I found a lot of great friendships and relationships there. And this isn’t me giving a diplomatic answer. That’s me saying a lot of game decisions that were made among all of the houseguests were made with the intention of playing the best game that we could.

I have the ability to separate my feelings between the game and personal. So, I don’t necessarily feel betrayed by a lot of people, other than the fact that I wish certain things would have gone down a different way than how they went down. I miss my buddy Red. I know he and I had a wedge between the two of us and that was pretty awful. But I don’t feel betrayed by that in the slightest. That would be the only relationship that I had that I felt really, really awful about having gone downhill.

Who do you think is playing the best game in the house thus far?

I’d have to say Jag and Cory. Those are the two sides of the house right now, whether you want to believe what side of the house you’re on. Jag’s playing one heck of a game, and he is a tremendous competitor. He’s probably better at the Power of Veto competitions than I was.

Cory has set himself up in a position where he doesn’t necessarily have to win an extreme amount of competitions, but that’s coming up shortly. So, luck be with him if he has to compete against Jag. It’s going to be good!

Do you regret putting so much faith in the Fugitives?

I don’t regret putting so much faith in the Fugitives. I mean, it was part of the game. And you can look back and try to figure out what went wrong and where, but the decisions were made during game time. I thought I was making [the right decisions] and doing the right thing.

I don’t know yet how invested Jag is with the other players in the house, but I tried my best to do what I thought would keep the Fugitives together for another week.

In hindsight, if I were playing the game that I was playing at the beginning of the game, I would have put Cory on the block and backdoored him during my last week as HOH.

Do you still feel as if your eviction was your fault or do you now feel that there may be some other influences at work?

I’m more than positive that there were other influences at work to my demise but you know, being the competitor that I am, I look within first and I’d have to say that I believe wholeheartedly that this week was primarily my doing. I don’t blame anyone or feel betrayed by anyone or believe they did me wrong.

What do you want your Big Brother legacy to be? How do you want the fans to remember you?

I would like my legacy to be that I’m not a bullshitter. I have a huge heart. I care about people a lot. I want to help. I’m a hell of a competitor. I’m not going to back down from a challenge and I’m going to do everything that I can to remain myself.

If the houseguests decided to keep you in the game, who would you have targeted?

Cory. I wanted to get him last week, but I was talked down by the Fugitives.

What was your favourite moment inside the house?

Being the superfan that I am, the whole experience was just out of body. It was incredible. Just coming into the house for the first time was like meeting a celebrity. I was starstruck.

As for [specific moment], probably my first HOH.

Why do you think your housemates found it so easy to target you?

I think that once I had set myself up as a competitor and someone who honestly went from one side of the house to the other, regardless of my intentions, it made it kind of an uphill battle for me.

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