Brothers and Sisters, Second Season Pickups, Spider-Man and more


— ABC is confirming that Brothers & Sisters will have a 2-hour flashback episode coming up. They’ll flash back to 1973 and 1986. They’ll be casting younger versions of William (age 33), Nora (28) and Holly in 1973 (21) and Sarah (20), Kitty (18), Tommy (16) and Kevin (14) in 1986.

— ABC will pre-empt Brothers & Sisters on Sunday, March 21st. In its place, they’ll air a new episode of Castle which will feature Dana Delany (Katherine from Desperate Housewives) as Federal Agent Jordan Shaw. This will reunite Delany with Nathan Fillion who played her ex-husband on DH. Delany’s second episode is scheduled for the next day.

— Did Teri Hatcher get a body double (or stunt double) for her stripper scene on Sunday? Lois Lane looked damn good. Also, Juanita Solis needs to be on more.

— Fox has renewed Glee for a second season. I hope that they find a way to keep Jessalyn Gilsig around.

— Meanwhile, ABC has announced that they’ve picked up The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town for next season.

Victoria Beckham will guest judge tonight on the season premiere of American Idol. Posh was always my favourite.

— The shocking cliffhanger at the end of last night’s Chuck was ruined by NBC’s promo for next week’s episode. I should have just watched it on Citytv at 7pm.

— CTV will move most of its lineup over to ‘A’ during the Olympics (Feb. 12-28th). Check out the schedule here. For soap fans, The Bold and the Beautiful will join All My Children and General Hospital, airing at 2pm.

— That guy who punched Snooki was fired from his job as gym teacher at North Queens Community High School.

— I don’t know what to think about the whole Spider-Man movie reboot fiasco, I just hope that it’s as good as the 90s TV series. The story arcs were really good.


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