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Modern Family heads to Hawaii, J Lo hosts SNL and does Bree have a long-lost son on Desperate Housewives?

Modern Family is heading to Hawaii this May. The family vacation will see Jay and Gloria heading down for his birthday and Gloria surprising him by bringing the rest of the family. The cast will fly down to Maui this week to shoot the episode. So, I guess we can all expect Phil to get turned on by hula dancers.

Nip/Tuck will be its series finale in the US tomorrow night but two of the show’s stars have already booked pilots.  Dylan Walsh will headline CBS’ Untitled Michael Dinner Project while Joely Richardson has joined ABC’s The Whole Truth.

— In other pilot news, Dermot Mulroney has been tapped by NBC to play the lead in the Rockford Files remake.

Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live this past week and it was actually funny (and it’s not my hangover talking). I always love it when they decide to no get all political with their cold-open. I’m glad they called out the horrible remake of “We Are the World,” it’s about time someone did. The weak point had to be Lopez’s musical performances…Sure, 10 years ago she could have impressed us with her outfits and dance moves, but after marrying Skeletor and pumping out 2 kids, it was for the best that she performed her last number sitting down. Don’t get me wrong, J-Lo’s still hot…but in a more Desperate Housewives sorta way. There was also a mention of Betty White during the Flag Digital Short, so there’s still hope she could host soon.

— Speaking of Desperate Housewives, is Sam Page playing Bree’s long-lost son? I hope so; Wisteria Lane could use a good scandal. Page’s creepy character pretty much stepped all over Andrew when he drank out of his “World’s Greatest Son” coffee mug.

— The Jersey Shore cast is making the Purim-Party disaster pretty hilarious thanks to their tweets. Their attendance has pretty much overshadowed Chris Noth being there. “I think me and @sn00ki felt the wrath for not being Jewish,” tweeted Vinny.

— So Chuck is back tonight! Tonight’s episode finds Chuck attempting to cook dinner for Hannah (Kristin Kreuk), Ellie and Captain Awesome while Sarah tries to keep her relationship with Shaw (Brandon Routh) strictly professional. Here’s a preview of the show’s post-Olympics return:


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