Gossip Girl, the MMVAs, Bones and more


— I’m enjoying the increased focus on Blair on Gossip Girl as opposed to the Serena hour (Leighton Meester is no longer taking the backseat to Blake Lively’s cleavage). My main question is why would they have the Prince return now? The drama of Dan vs. Chuck would have been far more epic, unless they plan or revisiting “Dair” later on. Also, why would Serena go so far for revenge? She’s not even interested in Dan (plus they’re now related). Serena has no right to judge others for starting their day at 2 p.m. since she’s even enrolled in school or holds a job. While we never see the other characters in class, at least they’re still enrolled. The only one who does mention going to class is Vanessa. Of course she would. Honestly, with the upcoming royal engagement on this show, I’m hoping for Gossip Girl’s very own Moldovian Massacre with Vanessa being the only casualty. I used to think this character had potential, but I’ve given up. The Vanessa of the first season would have de-friended Dan ages ago.

Kristen Wiig has retired two of her Saturday Night Live characters: Penelope and Gilly. Thank you.

— I got the chance to check out Lady Gaga’s concert in Montreal last week. It was pretty amazing (check out the review here). While her HBO concert is set to air this Saturday night, she’ll be back in Toronto on June 19 for the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards. Selena Gomez was announced as the c0-host yesterday and we’ve got a Q&A with her, check it out here.

Jason Sudeikis will host this year’s MTV Movie Awards on June 5th. The nominees were just announced today, check ‘em out! Voting is also now open.

Bones will be back for a 7th season.

— Meanwhile, still no word on the fate of Brothers and Sisters.

The HillsJustin Bobby and Holly Montag are now dating. Seriously.

— Carlos from Desperate Housewives just got a DUI.

— On the latest edition of the TV Casualty Podcast, Kat and I discussed the premiere of The Voice as well as last week’s Glee and The Vampire Diaries. Check it out here.

— This mockumentary about Belgian vampires who move to Montreal seems pretty interesting:
[View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKdEmlX92k8]


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