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Following each episode, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver will blog about their experience on the show for For the fourth episode, Reiko MacKenzie discusses the feud between Mary and Ronnie, the attention she’s received for being on the show and how she remains close to her heritage.


When I was asked to be on the show, it was a huge family decision and my own mother was a part of that decision as well. The show is about our lives and I left the book open because I am proud of who we are.

As far as how my life has changed since the show premiered, I am certainly meeting a lot of new people! Even our neighbours and other parents at our daughters’ private school that had never introduced themselves before have finally had a reason to come and say “Hi.” The show has given us a unique opportunity to meet wonderful people in our community faster. It’s been amazing!

When I’m out in other neighbourhoods, it has been a wonderful surprise to have people come up to me and telling me that I’ve inspired them to work out, eat healthier, or to try something a little more daring. It has really been heart-warming! I feel like I am taking on an enormous responsibility, which makes me truly honoured and excited. This inspires me to do more, and I love meeting people when I’m out and about.

Sure, there’s been some negative press reports, but there really isn’t much to say about the news item from our past. I was never and am not hiding anything. It really did happen a long time ago. My husband and I have had tremendous support from our friends and the community.

Whether I dye my hair blonde or blue, it wouldn’t change my heritage or who I am as a person. (Honestly, I have more greys than you know!) If anything, my lifestyle on the show should show a tradition that I feel has been lost on many younger generations, which is taking care of elders. My mother lives with us and is a very active part of our household. My husband, being of traditional Indian heritage, wouldn’t have it any other way. Since we both come from traditional backgrounds, my husband always jokes about having more kids, knowing that they would be the ones to look after us when we’re old! It’s just a part of who we are.

I’m a mom and my daughters are a huge part of my life. If they weren’t on the show with me, it wouldn’t be true to who I am – and the same goes for my husband. I love watching my daughters laughing and play together on the show, even when they are on a sugar high. I have my moments of, “Oh my goodness, I should not have let them eat that cupcake before breakfast,” but that’s life and that’s what being a mom is. It’s good for other mothers to tune in and see that they’re not alone. You live and you learn. Sometimes, we watch and we learn.

When my daughters are older and if they’re offered to do a reality show, it will be their decision — but it is my responsibility now to make healthy decisions that guide them into their own critical thinking and independence so they can make sound decisions for their own lives in the future. I think that is every parent’s responsibility.

I own up to who I am very proudly. I’ve enjoyed doing the show since day one. I have absolutely no regrets for doing the show. There WERE friendships going in and things change. Sometimes, you like people and then you don’t. You will see all of the relationships unfold on the show and they are all certainly real.

In episode 4, I took Jody to the racetrack where they only had one Porta-Potty. Jody didn’t go to the bathroom the entire time she was there, which actually had me worried! Jody is Jody and you can see from the show, she’s judgmental of everything. It would be a waste of time to think it had anything to do with individuals.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Slice.

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  6. How could you possibly be friends with Jodi?!?! Really makes you look bad as she obviously doesn’t actually care about you or anyone other then herself really. She is just mean, fake and cheap trash. Just cause one has money doesn’t mean they have class or pride. Jodi suffers from low self esteem and how could you support or be associated with someone that is so negative and a big BULLY. Child/teen bullying is bad enough but adult bullying is disgusting. You really want to call this person your friend in front of your children.

  7. Native Vancouverite on


    Slice producers or Lark productions were questioned if they were privy to Sun News Lal or Sun MacKenzie’s criminal history and court appearances, prior to the show airing or casting Reiko for RHOV.

    At first they skirted the issue, hoping it might disappear. Finally they released a statement that was suppose to appease the general public; “Casting on the Real Housewives of Vancouver is a rigorous and thorough process.” How intensive can it truly be, if the Slice people don’t scrutinize the applicant’s makeshift answers.

    According to the internet; Lark’s lengthy questionnaire asks about arrests, pending litigation, and any information that may embarrass the program producers, cable network or any affiliates. When Reiko filled out the question about her husband’s occupation, she wrote a “soft spoken venture capitalist.”

    Public consensus thinks Reiko’s husband’s past criminal dealings are indeed relevant today, regardless if they happened 20 years ago. One’s history of illegal activities will always come back to bite them in the ass, sooner or later!

    The headlines are splashed all over the media, and dwelling comfortably in cyber world. It became front page news revisited, when Reiko became a cast member.

    Vancouver is an extremely beautiful city and melting pot of cultural diversity. It should be a safe haven to raise families free of crime or corruption. The public doesn’t want to hear that a person’s ill gotten gains were funded by drug money or other illicit sources. Especially, in lieu of gang turf wars and shootings running rampant all over the lower mainland.

    The Slice network didn’t do their research/homework effectively during the screening process or turned a blind eye.
    They ignored and bypassed public opinion in favor of fast-tracking RHOV.

    Let’s face it the more controversial the storyline; Slice banks on that criteria to wheel in viewers. Who knows this may turn out to be a coup d’état for Slice!

    As for Jody and her wing-nut daughter; the more the two ignoramuses open up their mouths, the more they dig themselves into a proverbial hole of distaste. Her constant negative chirping, with her mindless daughter in tow, has become extremely

    Christina’s timely deflection to Mia spending the night and leaving her panties behind, was a great diversion. Totally threw Jody, the judgemental witch for a loop. When in doubt rattle your opponent with unexpected details, works like a charm.

    Her incessant rants about her high end goods not being second hand or fake, lead me to believe something is fishy. How is she able to carry the Hermes label as Ronnie mentioned?

    According to Ronnie, Jody’s mother was not Jewish, so technically she’s not either. Also, it was Ronnie that referred to Jody’s boutique as second hand, not Mary. That hefty ‘merchant fee’ of $2,000 she charged Reiko was the real kicker! Who does that to a friend?

    Unbelievably CRASS business sense on Jody’s part, that I hope costs her clientele in the end. As for myself and close friends; we would not spend a single dime in her store or promote any of her business endeavors.

    Ronnie is a real shit disturber! Her friendship loyalties seem non existent. She hasn’t totally recovered from her battle with the bottle and comes across as a whack-job, in need of another stint in rehab.

    Wonder how the copyright lawsuit is going with her trying to use the name Rehab? Monster Energy Drinks is all over that!

    That’s where a crash course in Basic Business 101 for Dummies comes in. Read anything factual pertaining to copyright, domains, trademarks etc, you can get your hands on.

    The only aspect of the show I actually enjoy watching, are the beautiful location shots filmed in and around Vancouver.

    The only recent worthwhile episode to watch: was when they showcased BURROWING OWL, a fabulous Estate Winery in Oliver, BC. Now, I don’t mind giving the winery and their breathtakingly spectacular location a well deserved plug! I will see you guys in July, to sample some of your fine wines!

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