Soap News: Y&R casts new Kyle, GH recasts Kiki and more

new kyle young and the restless kiki recast general hospital

The Young and the Restless has found its new Kyle Abbott. Former Home and Away star Lachlan Buchanan will assume the role of Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane’s son this February.

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Hayley Erin (ex-Abby, The Young and the Restless) is joining General Hospital as the new Kiki Jerome. Erin replaces Kristen Alderson, who announced her departure from the ABC soap earlier this month.

— Per Soaps In Depth, ABC will be bringing back the popular Fan February campaign next month to reward loyal General Hospital fans with something special every day. A spokesperson told the soap mag that fans can stay tuned for more information. ABC began the promotional campaign in 2003 and was last done in 2007.

General Hospital stars Jason Thompson (Patrick), Billy Miller (Jason), Kelly Monaco (Sam), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), William DeVry (Julian) and Michelle Stafford (Nina) attended the TCA Winter Press Tour last week. Check out some photos from their appearance:

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For the week of January 12-16, 2015:

Total Viewers (U.S.)
1. Y&R 4,841,000 (CBS)
2. B&B 3,750,000 (CBS)
3. GH 3,016,000 (ABC)
4. DAYS 2,468,000 (NBC)

Households (U.S.)
1. Y&R 3.53
2. B&B 2.83
3. GH 2.23
4. DAYS 1.84

Women 18-49 (U.S.)
1. Y&R 224,000
2. GH 204,000
3. B&B 166,000
4. DAYS 127,000

Click here for the full U.S. ratings at Soap Opera Network.

Total Viewers (Canada)
1. Y&R 862,000 (Global)
2. CORRIE 567,000 (CBC)
3. DAYS 345,000 (NBC)
4. GH 232,000 (Citytv)
5. B&B 200,000 (CTV Two)

Women 18-49 (Canada)
1. Y&R 133,000
2. DAYS 70,000
3. CORRIE 59,000
4. GH 46,000
5. B&B 39,000

Men 18-49 (Canada)
1. Y&R 123,000
2. DAYS 64,000
3. CORRIE 52,000
4. GH 32,000
5. B&B 29,000

Click here to find out more about the Canadian ratings.


bill liam b&b

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV Two/CBS): Maya tells Brooke her side of the story regarding Rick and Caroline. Jealousy and bitterness gets the best of Rick. A sign indicates to Caroline which path she should take. Maya worries Brooke’s return will cause problems. Bill and Brooke see each other for the first time she she left. A third party makes Quinn feel insecure in her relationship. Ridge and Caroline threaten Rick with legal action. Bill and Liam plot revenge. Caroline wants to tell Brooke her side of things. Liam turns to an old friend.

coronation street minibus

Coronation Street (CBC): Michael wakes up in hospital Beth and Kirk return from their honeymoon. Roy gives Carla a pep talk. Yasmeen finds it necessary to put Anna in her place. The doctor gives Michael his diagnosis. “Gavin” tries to explain things to Steph. Liz and Steve return from Spain. Steve offers to drive the factory girls to the awards ceremony. Rory starts his community service. Gary return from court. Beth drags Chesney to the pub. Tragedy strikes the minibus! Will Tracy decide to help Carla? Is Steve ready to admit the truth to Michelle? Note: CBC has moved Coronation Street back to 7:30 p.m. from 6:30 p.m.

eric serena days of our lives

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC): Nicole makes a move on Serena. A person is shot and left for dead. Chad realizes he’s made a mistake. Aides gets in an uncomfortable position. Serena confronts Nicole. Will confesses to Kate. Abigail asks a favour from Victor. Kate unintentionally sends Sonny on a path to the truth. Stefano advises Chad to go after Abigail. Nicole gets ready to expose Serena. Paul opens up to Will. Sonny overhears Kate make a curious statement. Nicole’s plan backfires. Melanie and Brady’s date doesn’t go as planned. Chad’s confession shakes Jordan. Melanie overhears Clint making a mysterious call. Daniel ends his relationship with Nicole. Serena finds what she has been seeking. Theresa is unhappy to learn that Brady and Melanie are dating. Paige makes a surprising decision.

ava general hospital

General Hospital (Citytv/ABC): Bobbie, Lulu and Lucas hour Aunt Ruby. Franco learns that Nina has made a new friend (Heather). Shawn updates Sonny on his theory about Bill.  Will the Jeromes be able to make a break from prison? Silas goes to visit Ava. Dante breaks into the Elm Street house. Carly tries to help Jake. Ava has surprising news. Sonny and Julian receive a proposition from Franco. Dante is caught. A dubious alliance is formed. Brad confesses to Lucas. Patrick asks Sam about the figurine. Michael and Tracy make amends and discuss Bill Eckert. Carly decides to share her suspicions about Jake with Nathan. Nina realizes that she’s in jeopardy. Dante makes a surprising discovery about Luke. Lulu worries about a missing Dante. Everyone gets ready for the party at the Haunted Star. Could Johnny tip Lulu off about Fluke? A double date between Patrick/Sam and Lucas/Brad could bring Sam closer to finding out where the figurine is. Helena advises Nikolas not to attend the party.

ashley the young and the restless

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS): Adam kisses Sage. Sharon prepares to fight dirty with Nick. Dylan tells Joe to stay away from Avery. Jill prepares for battle with Victor. Paul investigates Kelly’s poisoning. Neil pressures Hilary to tell the truth. Ashley faces a major setback at Jabot. Nick finds out about Gabriel and Sage’s secret. Nikki’s drinking gets out of control. Avery takes matters into her own hands. Phyllis reaches out to Michael for help. Victor surprises Nikki, while Victoria and Stitch take a big step in their relationship.


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