Coronation Street Preview: Week of July 9

coronation street spoilers canada week of july 9 2018

coronation street spoilers canada week of july 9 2018

Coming up on Coronation Street in Canada: Injuries and hospitalizations and not even poor Eccles is safe!

On Monday’s (July 9) double-header: Liz wonders if Eva is fit to be a mother. Bethany begs Gary to give Ryan a job. Daniel is touched by Sinead’s kindness. See invites Emma on a date. Peter and Leanne are at their wits’ end with Simon. A furious Eva threatens Johnny.

Tuesday (July 10): Roy bans Simon and Tyler from the cafe. Liz can’t hide her feelings any longer. Flora’s 50s theme party gets underway. Carla asks Beth to spy on Alya.

Wednesday (July 11): Steve takes great relish in firing Mike. Beth sets about spying on Alya. The police call at No. 1.

Thursday (July 12): Kevin leaves Jack with Sophie for the day. Simon apologizes to Roy, Alex and Flora. The Speed Daal press night is in full swing.

Friday (July 13): Geoff continues to impress with his magic tricks. Michelle persuades Robert to give Ryan a job at the bistro. Tyler threatens Simon. Ali calls for an ambulance.

Coming up on Coronation Street in Canada during the week of July 16:

  • David begins his community service.
  • Toyah finds an ill Eccles.
  • Robert and Michelle’s romantic moment turns into panic.
  • Audrey is taken aback by Maria’s offer.
  • Sean continues to search for a place to live.

Coronation Street airs weeknights on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC App and online at


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