Coronation Street Preview: Week of June 3

coronation street preview week of june 3 canada

coronation street preview week of june 3 canada

On Monday’s (June 3) double-header: Beth is still in the dog house as far as Kirk is concerned. Brian quizzes Roy about his trip to Portsmouth. Steve is horrified to find the police quizzing Tim about a robbery. Toyah tells Leanne she’s homeless. Natalie persuades David to stay after work. Tracy’s horrified to realize that Steve has told the police everything.

Tuesday (June 4): Leanne’s suspicions are further heightened. Steve sets off in his cab with a baseball bat under his seat. David cancels his lunch date with Shona. 

Wednesday (June 5): Brian enters the cab office with a police offer in tow. Sally persuades Yasmeen to join her for a riding lesson. Leanne, Sarah and Toyah discuss Nick’s dodgy finances. 

Thursday (June 6): Imran calls at the police station. In a bid to save Street Cars, Eileen calls a meeting with Tracy and Liz. Tim and Steve bury the hatchet. 

Friday (June 7): Sally plans to buy a race horse. Leanne realizes that Toyah was using her. David assures Shona he has no interest in Natalie.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of June 10:

  • Sally offers to host a dinner party for Paula.
  • Audrey tries to comprehend staggering news.
  • Gary leaves a shocking message on Sarah’s phone.
  • Sarah informs Nick that she will be running the factory.
  • Peter visits a fragile Carla.

Programming Note: Coronation Street will be airing weekdays at 4 p.m. ET on CBC due to the NHL Playoffs and will return to the evening times lot in mid-June. Viewers can still catch late night repeats on CBC, as well as the omnibus edition on Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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