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Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina was the third houseguest to be evicted from this season’s All-Star edition. We had a chance to speak to our BB Queen following her eviction to get to the bottom of what went on with Nicole F., her reunion with Kaysar and why she was initially hesitant to participate this season.

Let’s start with the tea – what’s the deal with the Nicole Franzel?

Before coming on to do [this season], they asked me which winner’s gameplay I didn’t respect. I had said Nicole Franzel but then told the interview to change my answer in case she read it. She would have been upset.

I don’t respect her gameplay. I don’t trust her. It’s not even a personal thing where I dislike her.

Five years ago, something happened at a charity event. I was her roommate. She was extremely pissed off because she said that I didn’t give her enough attention. I didn’t ask her out for dinner that night. I had asked [former players]Zach Rance (Season 16), Amanda Zuckerman (Season 15), Rachel Reilly (Seasons 12 & 13), and Elissa Slater (Season 15) to dinner [instead]. 

I heard through the Big Brother grapevine that she did not like me. Which is fine. I heard this before The Amazing Race (Season 31) from Daniele Donato. She said, “You really need to work on this relationship with Nicole because she doesn’t’ like you. She’s scared of you.” From that point, we did The Amazing Race and got into a Big Brother alliance. The first chance she got; Nicole turned on my friend Rachel. When you’re messing with Rachel Reilly, you’re messing with me. I’m loyal to a fault. From that moment on, I was like “I knew it! I knew it!”

Seeing her in the house, I definitely [knew that I]didn’t want to work with her. I was going to be friendly, but I know who she is, and I know how she plays. She’s definitely wasn’t someone I was keen to work with or have an alliance in the house. 

I respect that. Thank you for clearing it up. I thought it was something that may have happened on The Amazing Race, but I had no idea that it went a lot further back than that. Let’s talk about this Dani angle. She actually voted for you to stay. There’s a rumour that she wore the exact same cocktail dress that you wore on your finale night to hers. Is that true? Did she really admire you that much? And then what happened to that inside the house?

Yes. I think that in the past she looked up to me. I haven’t had the chance to watch this season yet, but I’ll obviously talk to her dad (Dick “Evel Dick” Donato; Seasons 8 and 13) after this get his take of things.

I think in general, players whether they like me or not are threatened by me. My name, my crown, my title. They want it. I respect that as a player. It is what it is. 

Her vote, I don’t think it was personal. I think it was strategy to blame one of my friends in the house who are too scared to keep me. Perhaps Bayleigh? 

The OG players play a very different game. The newer players are playing a completely different game. I feel that most of them are just chasing clout. 

I mean, the OG way of playing is as cutthroat as it can get. We’re there to play. We’re very passionate about the show and game. We want to make things interesting, obviously. 

The newer generation, their style of gameplay is completely different than mine. They like to lay around, sit back and pretend that they are all friends. They go with the house. “We don’t want to make waves. We don’t want to put ourselves out there.” 

They don’t really want to do anything. Which is kind of bad. I wish there were more OG players in there that would show them how it’s done.

Who were you hoping to see?

Obviously, Will would never do the show [again]but I was hoping that Dan [Gheesling. Seasons 10 & 14) was in there. I would have loved to play with Dan again. I would have also loved to play with Danielle Reyes (Seasons 3 & 7). Those are two people to me that I could definitely see myself working with. They’re very good, strategy wise. I think they would have great to have in the house.

They would have given us a great show!


That guy from New Jersey won HOH.

[Laughs] I can’t believe I said that! I absolutely love that guy from New Jersey.

Do you think Enzo will put up Kaysar?

Sadly, I think he will. 

Did you give Kaysar any advice before you left? Is there anyone that will stick up for him?

Ian is the only one. Ian has one of the worst positions in the house. 

How did you feel about reuniting with Kaysar after all that time? Are you guys planning on hanging out more after this?

I would absolutely love that. I want to bring my family down to California and do Disneyland. I want to go to Fashion Island with his wife and go shopping for designer things! I think it’ll be fun. [Laughs]

I wish we could follow you around for that! Would be a great reality show. Is the appetite there for you to do another reality show? Maybe Survivor or Selling Sunset since you are a realtor?

Any real estate show, I’m totally game because I’m extremely passionate about my career! Survivor is the only CBS show that I’d be interested in doing again. I’m a huge Survivor nerd! During quarantine, I re-watched past seasons, which is so embarrassing. My favourites are Blood vs. Water and Heroes vs. Villains. I could watch Heroes vs. Villains again – I could watch it four or five times! I really adore that game.

Was there any hesitation to do this All-Stars seasons?

Yes. I told them initially to please put me down as a maybe. I’m not a yes yet. I had to think about it. I even said, “No offense, but I’m a really big target. Why would I go back just to be taken out week one?” They were very hopeful and said “It’s an All-Stars cast. There will be other targets.” I think that initially, some of the other players had wanted to participate but things happened, and they didn’t get on the show or bowed out. My initial hesitation was correct. When I walked into that house and saw that Tyler was the only other massive game, it kind of stinks, right?

How would you have taken Tyler down?

I would put him on the block with Cody!

It was a pleasure talking to you. You are the legend. We hope to see you on TV again!

Thank you!

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