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One Tree Hill will be taking over The O.C.’s old rerun timeslot at 7pm (ET) on MuchMusic beginning Monday, May 4th. They’ll be airing the entire series, including the current sixth season. Now I know people have been quite critical in MuchMusic’s decision to air dramas. I can understand why viewers were put off by the Degrassi: the Next Generation airings but I completely understand the decision to air shows like The O.C., Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill – these shows actually play (or played in the case of The O.C.) new music.

I’m hoping they launch a proper microsite for the show that will showcase the music featured on the episodes. OTH may have some campy moments but producers do know how to up the dramatic moments with their choice of soundtrack. Featuring artists like Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Gavin DeGraw and Sheryl Crow make up for those guest starring Pete Wentz episodes. And of course, the show gets its title from a track off of U2’s classic The Joshua Tree.

One Tree Hill will air Weeknights at 7pm (ET) and 8pm (PT) starting next week. There’s also a 4 episode marathon of season one episodes airing this Saturday from 2-6pm and again on Sunday from 1-5pm. 

Although The O.C. was more mainstream, I was quite surprised when One Tree Hill outlasted it. I found that the high school years were completely over the top…mostly the Brooke stuff along with the Nathan and Haley romance. The flash-forward years (season five and six) lost me with Brooke wanting to have a baby and taking in that emo-retarded clepto. With the summer coming, I’ll try to give it another shot. Speaking of shot, it was also hard to watch Dan continue to roam around town after killing his own brother Keith…sure he turned himself in the end but he still murdered someone.

I’m looking forward for this episode to air:



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