Soap Spoilers: Billy’s glimpse into the future on Y&R, Franco kidnaps Carly on GH, Sami and Rafe celebrate New Years on DAYS and more – plus, now with video!


Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R), Crystal Chappell (Carly, DAYS) and James Franco (Franco, GH)

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)

Ryder and Daisy are revealed to be brother and sister. Nick is shocked when he learns about Sharon and Adam’s marriage. Malcolm (now being played by Darius McCrary) returns to Genoa City when Lily ends up in the hospital and clashes with Neil. Phyllis turns to Michael and Lauren when she has to wait around for Nick. Jack makes Emily a shocking proposition. JT and Victoria make a decision about their marriage. Lily tells Mac her deepest fears.

Y&R airs a special episode on December 30th (or 31st in the US) where Billy has to look into the future in order to change his life.

After getting drunk at Jimmy’s bar and falling to the ground as the clock strikes midnight, Billy is visited by his father’s ghost. John then takes him to an alternate reality of Genoa City where Billy can catch a glimpse of how things could turn out of he doesn’t get his act together. He’ll see Delia’s being raised by another man, Mac and Chloe moving on with their love lives and the Abbots celebrating New Years without him. He’ll see how his absence will truly affect his daughter on her wedding day.



All My Children (ABC/A)

Tad sets out to discover what David has been up to. Erica warns Ryan about Annie, who is hell bent on seeing her daughter. Zach and Kendall hit the sheets. Greenlee demands the truth from David and is stunned to learn that she’s been in a coma all year. Adam and Annie prepare to renew their vows. Kendall and Zach decide to take the children and travel for some time so that they can heal as a family. While this news makes Erica sad, she understands her daughter’s decision to focus on her family. Note: This could very likely be Thorsten Kaye’s final appearance as Zach Slater as the actor will not be making the move to Los Angeles with the rest of the cast and crew. Alicia Minshew (Kendall) will begin her maternity leave. She is scheduled to make a brief appearance following her maternity leave but has yet to sign a new contract.



As The World Turns (CBS/Global)

Meg runs from the police. Craig takes Carly away. Jack and Janet struggle to reconnect. Casey has a heart-to-heart with Nancy, who gives him her engagement ring for Alison. Jack looks for Carly but finds Craig instead. Alison finds Meg with Eliza. Janet and Dusty ring in the new year together. Alison accepts Casey’s proposal. Hunter amuses Maddie. Paul begs Lily and Damian to drop the charges against Meg. Jack and Carly reminisce.



The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)

Katie worries that Brooke and Donna are up to something. Stephanie becomes suspicious about Sandy and Whip’s interactions. Nick takes Sandy to see Lt. Baker about her case and is given disturbing news. Bill demands to see the new line.



Days Of Our Lives (NBC/Global)

Hope decides that she’s ready to move on while Justin tells her to fight for her marriage. Philip tells Stephanie about his engagement to Melanie. Gabi announces that she’s staying in Salem. Lexie urges Nathan to make his feelings clear. Mia pretends to be Gavi’s friend. Sami finds the notes sent by the kidnapper. Vivian tells Victor that she plans to find Carly’s child. Chloe confronts Brady. Hope catches Bo and Carly kissing. Philip asks Melanie to elope. EJ threatens to replace Troy with Arianna. Carly regrets returning to Salem. Hope decides to protect Carly. Philip and Nathan end up in jail. Carly tells Daniel about Lawrence. Sami and Rafe spend New Year’s Eve together.



General Hospital (ABC/CTV)

Robin and Patrick celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Jason tells Johnny the truth about the night of Claudia’s death. Kiefer makes Kristina cry. Michael pulls over a DWI suspect who turns out to be Michael. Dominic and Lulu are interrupted. Elizabeth tries to surprise Lucky by recreating an old memory. Kristina and Molly continue to set up Alexis with Mac. Franco kidnaps Carly



One Life To Live (ABC/SunTV)

Dorian tries to outsmart Mitch. Todd confesses to Blair that he is still in love with Tea. Rex visits his father’s hospital room. Tea sacrifices her happiness for her daughter. John reminds Natalie that they need to keep their stories straight. Fish and Kyle celebrate the New Year together. Blair urges Todd to reunite with Tea.



Holiday Pre-Emptions:

–    &
AMC will re-air the May 28th episode on New Year’s Eve where the residents of Pine Valley gather to remember Stuart and Kendall is arrested for murder. The soap will not air on New Year’s Day.

–         ATWT will not air on Thursday or Friday.

–         B&B will re-air one of Brooke and Ridge’s weddings from earlier this year (I’ve honestly lost count). This is the Malibu Beach one that aired on January 5th.

–         DAYS will not air on Thursday (New Year’s Eve) in the Global/NTV “day ahead” markets (mostly central/west zones) but will return on Friday (New Year’s Day). In the Global East markets (Ontrario/Quebec), DAYS will not air on Friday (New Year’s Day) but will return the following Monday.

–         GH will re-air Franco’s art gallery opening on Thursday(New Year’s Eve) and will be pre-empted on Friday (New Year’s Day).

–         OLTL will re-air the episode where Rex discovers that Mitch is his father on Thursday (New Year’s Eve) and will be pre-empted on Friday (New Year’s Day).

–         Y&R is pre-empted in all Canadian markets on Thursday (New Year’s Eve). A new episode will air on Friday (New Year’s Day). In the US, the show will be pre-empted on Friday and will return the following Monday.


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