Soap Spoilers: Brenda’s back on GH, Adam’s trial begins on Y&R and Kendall and Bianca catch up on AMC


Greenlee uses work as an excuse to avoid David’s questions. Annie begs JR not to tell anyone about Scott stealing Palmer’s idea. Marissa becomes upset after she sees JR with Annie. Kendall returns to Pine Valley and visits Ryan in the hospital. Jake tells Greenlee that Ryan has taken a turn for the worse. Marissa says she must leave JR. Scott and Marissa hook up after a misunderstanding. Caleb sense that there’s something wrong with Krystal. Jesse asks for his job back. David goes to Liza for help in blackmailing Greenlee. Kendall and Bianca reconnect. Krystal gives Caleb a makeover. Damon tells Tad that he wants to go off his medication. Colby has several encounters with Asher. Scott confronts Annie about JR. 
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on AMC online at
* AMC will not air on Tuesday due to ABC’s airing the ‘General Hospital’ marathon featuring Brenda

Iris worries that she’s been caught. Will, Henry and a psychic visit the warehouse to locate Barbara. Emily runs into Barbara in the wine cellar. Reid is upset when Luke talks about Noah. Casey and Alison decide to give things another chance. Chris talks to Reid about his problem. Janet finds Dusty in bed with Lucy. Iris tricks Emily. Craig makes an accusation. Lily tells Carly the truth. Jack and Carly form a plan. Gabriel and Lucy bond over memories of Lidia. Janet accepts Blackthorn’s offer. Craig is threatened. Paul realizes that Emily is missing.

Brooke and Oliver both continue to beg Hope for forgiveness. Stephanie steps in to help Hope. An argument between Brooke and Stephanie turns violent. Bridget and Owen feel their baby kick. Bill offers Donna a large sum of money for her shares of Forrester Creations and later finds out about Steffy’s shares and plans to use this to his advantage. Ridge reaches out to Hope. Stephanie warns Ridge about turning Steffy away. Liam continues to feel guilty about the Hope situation. Oliver makes Hope a video. Taylor has it out with Ridge. Stephanie threatens Liam. Steffy realizes that Bill’s trying to get her to sell him her shares of Forrester Creations.
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Hope has a hard time dealing with what she’s done while Sami continues to consider EJ’s proposal. Carly and Bo blames themselves for Hope’s breakdown. Doug and Julie learn about Hope. Arianna isn’t sure if she can forgive Hope. Hope breaks down in Doug’s arms. Brady comes face-to-face with Hope. Katie tries to comfort Chad. Vivian is upset when she finds Victor with Maggie again.  Bo threatens EJ. Rafe kisses Sami. Stephanie gets suspicious. Nicole runs into Rafe. Caroline gives Maggie a hard time about Victor. Victor warns Brady to stay away from Nicole. Philip worries that Melanie will go running back to Nathan. Nicole asks Brady to forgive her. Sami accepts EJ’s proposal.
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DEGRASSI (MuchMusic/Teen Nick)
Alli wants Drew to commit to a relationship. Holly J wants to regain her student council president power. Alli’s plan may backfire when she pretends to not be interested in Drew. Adam feels the pressure of trying to keep a big secret and later makes a sacrifice so that others can be happy.
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Lucky returns Aiden to Nikolas and Liz. Liz confronts Shirley’s mean daughter. Sonny kisses Claire in hopes of getting Brenda out of his mind. Olivia finds out about Johnny’s arrest. Carly tells Lulu that Dante is not trustworthy. Lucky and Maxie share a kiss. Brenda puts on a tough exterior. Dante and Lulu discuss marriage. Sonny shares his feelings with Mike about Brenda. Lisa threatens Steve with sexual harassment. Dante, Johnny and Ethan lie to the cops in order to protect Michael. Ethan kisses Maya. Brenda thinks about Sonny before her big night with movie star Murphy Sinclair. Patrick asks Maxie for her help in getting rid of Lisa.
* The show will move to Citytv in Canada this fall.
* ABC and ‘A’ will air a Brenda marathon on Tuesday, from 1 until 3 p.m.

Todd tells Dani that they have to respect Tea’s wishes. Tea has a special request of Blair. Natalie shares her pregnancy news with Brody. Nate finds out that he has two siblings. Viki and Charlie return to town and find out about Jessica’s pregnancy. Kelly hides under the bed when Eli enters his room. Todd and Dani share a moving farewell. A frantic Kelly texts Rex for help. Inez tells Bo that she has told her sons the truth. Nate tries to make amends with his mother. Todd is not happy with Tea’s choice.  Jessica begs Ford to tell her the truth. Gigi promises Brodyt hat she will keep their secret. Eli keeps Hannah under control. James asks Langston out on a date.
* OLTL will not air on Tuesday due to ABC’s airing the ‘General Hospital’ marathon featuring Brenda

Adams asks Sharon not to testify. Shaw returns. Nikki becomes the hero. Sharon is concerned about hurting Adam. Jill has a confession for Victoria. Ashley agaonizes about her past. Vance tricks Sharon. Victor gets the upper hand on Tucker. Adam experiences a flood of memories of his mother, Hope which reveal unsuspected secrets.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on Y&R online at


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