Updated: Nip/Tuck returns to Canada, CliffsNotes version of NBC’s Late Night Mess, another Jersey Shore Makeover and more


— Canadians hoping to catch the final two season of Nip/Tuck on TV are out of luck. A Citytv spokesperson has confirmed that at this time, the network has no plans to air seasons six and seven. The Ryan Murphy-produced drama began its seventh and final season in the United States on FX this past Wednesday after wrapping up the sixth season a few weeks ago. The first four seasons aired on CTV while the fifth was picked up by Citytv last winter. Who knows, maybe with Leno’s 10pm timeslot becoming vacant in March, Citytv will decide to pick it up in order to fill out 5 hours of primetime programming? But I’m sure that by that time, the fans of the series will have just downloaded all of the episodes.

Update: CTVglobemedia has decided bring back Nip/Tuck but it will now air on ‘A’ instead of CTV. They quickly premiered the sixth season last night (Sunday, Jan. 10th) before issuing a press release. New episodes will continue to air each Sunday night at 10pm.

— Condensed version of the whole NBC Late Night madness: Jay Leno has been offered a 30 minute version of The Jay Leno Show for 11:30, Conan O’Brien could move The Tonight Show to midnight (full hour) while Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night would move to 1am and Carson Daly’s Last Call would go to 2am. If Conan decides to bolt and pursue other offers, Leno returns to a full hour at 11:30-12:30. Couldn’t they just get rid of Leno? Seriously, what’s the appeal? Poor Coco Christopher.

— I actually enjoyed Cougar Town this week. I loved how Lisa Kudrow’s character put Courteney Cox’s Jules in her place. I wish we could keep Kudrow.

Ryan O’Neal will appear on 90210 for multiple episodes as Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan) famous movie star father. O’Neal’s first episode will air in April while the show returns on March 9th on The CW and March 11th on Global.

Heroes tops the list as one of the most pirated shows of 2009. Also rounding out the top 10 are: Lost, Prison Break, Dexter, House, 24, Desperate Housewives, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood.

— Another day, another tabloid makeover…the cast of Jersey Shore got classy for a recent photoshoot for InTouch.


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